From dark and moody to stark and crisp, discover the latest interior colour trends

Always on the forefront of latest interior colour trends and styles, we love discovering the latest volumes in the Haymes Colour Library.

They’ve just released the Volume 8 colour forecast, consisting of 3 themes — Stark Beauty, Strata and Pitch Dark — each with its own palette of nine colours.

“Volume 8 covers the diverse collection of colour and design directions we see influencing the market globally. We’ve presented this volume in three distinct colour stories that we believe will work well across interiors, particularly in Australia,” explains Wendy Rennie, Colour and Concept Manager at Haymes Paint.

Stark Beauty

Combining the crisp colour combination of white and green, Wendy says it’s a “newly crafted approach to interiors that blends together a soft minimalism with an almost Japanese aesthetic and sensibility.”

“The simple paring of subtle whites and bold leafy greens provides a palette that is fresh, energising and balanced,” she explains.

Latest interior colour trends

Botanical dining space



The Strata theme reminds us of the colour palettes used in the 70s but the earthy undertone and bold addition of cobalt blue gives a fresh new interpretation that makes it so now.

“Strata is a rich and earthy palette that mimics the colours found in the layers of the earth. The diversity of colours is reminiscent of those variations found in the environment.

“Featuring ruddy tans and browns, paired with lush deep greens found in fauna and plant life, with a hint of sea blue which is complemented by neutral base colours.”

Mustard orange living room

Moody bedroom

Deep mustard wall colour

Deep green feature wall

Pitch Dark

Luxe, moody and design-forward, are words that the Pitch Dark palette bring to mind.

“Pitch Dark is an undefinable palette that challenges the senses and plays on the idea of finding dark spaces more relaxing, meditative and exploratory which in the past has been associated with light colours.

“It’s a new way forward for interiors and the use of strong colours like blacks and dark charcoals, combined with rich reds, moody nudes and deep blue is a palette that is coming into its own.”

Pitch dark paint series

Coral dining space

Lamp on hall table

Mulberry wall colour

To discover more of the latest directions in colour and design, check out the Haymes website.


  1. Ooh I like those ‘pitch dark’ tones and the chocolate/moss bedroom combo from the ‘strata’ series. I would really like to experiment with paint colour in the new place but not sure I could be *quite* that brave! It’s funny how something so easy and cheap to change is hard to commit to but I wouldn’t think twice about buying a bright coloured couch ?


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