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Bathroom styling inspiration: From vanity styling to wall niche inspo!

Feeling inspired to decorate your bathroom? Great, you’ve come to the right place because we’ve got styling tips and inspo to cover every zone of the bathroom. Whether you’re looking for new ways to style your vanity or how to arrange items on a bath tray, we’ve got it covered!

So read on as we share our favourite bathroom styling inspiration and advice on how to bring it into your home.

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coastal bathroom styling
Bathroom by @the_stables_, via @_honeyjackson

Our favourite bathroom decor

The first challenge of styling any space is finding the right pieces of home decor.

When it comes to styling you bathroom, there are a variety of items you can use including:

  • soaps and body products
  • collection of perfumes
  • jewellery box
  • trinket dishes or bowls
  • brushes (body brushes, loofahs, make up brushes etc)
  • small items of decor (such as a sculpture)
  • candles
  • vases or vessels
  • indoor plants
  • towels.
Bath arrangement
A styling arrangement we created using a marble bowl, bath salts, body brush and candle. Styling and photography by Style Curator for Elite Renovations

Vanity styling

Now let’s go zone by zone around the bathroom, sharing plenty of inspo pics and top styling tips. Firstly, the vanity! Most bathrooms are designed so the vanity is front and centre and depending on size, there are various ways you can style it.

Small arrangement to one side

If you only have a small vanity or you prefer a more minimalist look, creating a small arrangement to one side may be the perfect way to style your vanity.

How to create a small bathroom vignette:

  • remember styling in odd numbers looks most balancing to the eye. So pick out 3, 5 or 7 items of bathroom decor, mixing up height and scale, to create the arrangement
  • add a pop of life, such as a vase of stems, piece of coral or other item from nature
  • the easiest rule to follow is one large item, one medium item and one small item. But if you feel like challenging yourself to create a slightly larger arrangement, take a look at that gorgeous bathroom styling by The Stables below.
green bathroom vanity styling _ bathroom styling inspiration
Gina’s vanity styling in her ming green marble mosaic bathroom renovation
The Stables bathroom styling
Bathroom by The Stables
KedronProject_Bathroonvanity_contemporary house renovation
The clever contemporary house renovation of the Kedron project

Create a styled arrangement on a tray or trivet

According to experts at All Filters, another way to style your vanity is to pick up a tray or trivet and create a styled arrangement on top. Using a tray as a base immediately elevates your bathroom styling as it makes smaller items look as though they belong. There’s a huge variety on the market now ā€” concrete, marble, travertine, brass, ceramic ā€” so you’ll be sure to find one that suits your bathroom style.

Tips to styling bathroom decor on a tray:

  • keep it functional. Modern bathroom styling is more pared back and minimalist these days so ditch your dried floral arrangements and show some restraint. Of course, we won’t say no to a candle or diffuser, and some pretty florals in the mix šŸ˜‰
  • mix height and scale to create visual interest
  • remember that styling in odd numbers (items of 5, 7, 9 etc) generally works best
  • introduce warmth with natural materials, like a natural bristle brush
  • add life with greenery, such as indoor plants plants, flowers or stems (like those gorgeous olive branches below)
  • consider having a theme, such as coastal decor or harmonious colours.
Grey tiles behind bathroom vignette
From the breathtaking home tour of Botfield Residence
pink bathroom vanity styling _ bathroom styling inspiration
Gina’s vanity styling in her bathroom renovation reveal
Frameless glass shower with kitkat tiles
Ronnie and Georgia’s bathroom from The Block

Niche styling

Another zone of the bathroom where you can create a styling moment is in your shower or bath niche. We often say less is more, and this definitely rings true in your niche.

If you have a wall niche, don’t overcrowd it with Radox and razors, instead consider using similar items as the ones listed above.

Don’t forget, you can also transfer your shampoo, conditioner and body wash into beautiful bathroom pump bottles that fit your aesthetic. It’s one of the best bougie on a budget interior styling hacks!

Shower niche with pink marble tiles
Mitch and Mark’s wall niche from The Block 2021: Week 2 ā€” Guest ensuite reveal
The Block 2020_week 2_guest ensuite_Harry and Tash_styling
Harry and Tash niche styling from The Block
gunmetal tapware in dual shower
Architecture and interior design by Cera Stribley, photography by Emily Bartlett Photography
bathroom styling inspo _ bathroom styling inspiration
Styling by @kelliehobbsinteriors. Build by @cjrconstruction. Photography by @nira.creative.

Wall ledge styling

The hottest bathroom design feature is the ledge wall or half height wall. From coastal to contemporary bathrooms, mid-century modern and luxe, it’s a design feature that works for just about every interior style.

Similar to a wall niche, you’ll want to stick with a simple selection of decor. In fact, the rule of 3 seems to be the most popular way to style a bathroom ledge or wall shelf.

House of Harvee bathroom renovation - quartz vanity and organic mirror
A bold materials palette calls for minimalist bathroom styling | Krystal showing how it’s done in her recent bathroom renovation
Gold gooseneck showerhead
Beautiful bathroom styling as seen in Corlette House
New walk-in shower
Let’s not forget THAT gorgeous walk in shower by ACT Renovations with recessed LED light strip, see the full bathroom here

Bath tray styling

Now for one of the most popular ways to add style to your bathroom ā€” with a bath tray!

A caddy across your bath that’s set out with items inviting you for your next relaxing soak doesn’t just look pretty, it can be a visual reminder to take some time out for yourself. Think beautiful bath salts, a scented candle, body brush and so on. Here are some of our favourite bath tray looks to inspire you.

Bathroom details by Naomi Findlay
Bathroom decor details by Naomi Findlay from her latest Airbnb
Style a bath tray
How we styled our DIY timber bath tray. See the how-to tutorial here
Cosy autumn bath
Beautiful bath ritual courtesy of Polly Florence

Bath stool styling

Similarly, a stool next to your bath can provide the perfect surface to set out some self care products. Look for a stool that complements your interior style. Stylist tip: we often like to drape a small hand towel over first to create the sense of layers. It’s one of the quickest and easiest ways to add a sense of luxe and visual interest.

Three Birds_House14_bath
Three Birds House 14 bathroom | Take the full tour
Standalone white bath with cobblestone flooring
Earthy bathroom decor to pick up the tones of that stunning cobblestone floor | Take the tour
Bathroom with terrazzo wall and floor
Bath stool styling as seen in Corlette House
Bath at Fig Tree Villa Byron Bay
Villa home tour
White and red bathroom with Fibonacci Stone terrazzo Fatima's Reflection
Bathroom renovation by Sally Birch Interiors | Take the full bathroom tour

Towel styling

Finally, towels are a fabulous way to elevate the look and feel of your bathroom. Towels can act like art for your bathroom, adding a big pop of colour or pattern. And there are so many ways you can style towels in a bathroom.

Our favourite ways to style towels in a bathroom:

  • hand towel draped over your vanity for a relaxed look
  • bath towel hanging from a robe hook
  • hand towel draped over a bath stool
  • face towel rolled or folded on your vanity
  • a mix of towels folded into a heated towel ladder.

Check out this tutorial on how fold towels in an elevated way, including the trending spa roll!

grey bathroom tile styling _ bathroom styling inspiration
We draped a hand towel over the vanity in this bathroom we styled for Elite Renovations
gunmetal tapware in grey bathroom
Towels add a muted pop of colour in this bathroom by Zephyr and Stone
Waukivory Estate bathroom vanity
Folded towels on the vanity of this stunning bathroom by Naomi Findlay | Take the full home tour

Is there a zone of the bathroom that we missed where you need some bathroom styling inspo? Or do you have other styling tips you can add? Share them in the comments below!

Find more bathroom inspo here

This article was first published in September 2022 and continues to be updated with latest styling tips and images.

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