Bathroom styling inspiration

Taking a little time to style your bathroom is so worth it given this is generally the first room we go to in the morning and the last room we’re in before bed.

We’ll let you in on a secret — bathroom styling is easy peasy when you follow a few simple steps.

See how we styled this room of the house thanks to ASPAR spa products and be inspired to show your bathroom a bit of styling love!

Bathroom styling

Vanity styling

A tray or trivet creates the perfect base to begin styling your vanity. There’s a huge variety on the market now — concrete, marble, brass, ceramic — so you’ll be sure to find one that suits your bathroom style.

You can place just about anything on the tray and here are some ideas:
– favourite soaps and body products
– collection of perfumes
– jewellery box or small bowl with jewellery
– brushes (make up brushes, or timber nail/body brushes)
– decorative items (we’ve used a concrete house on one tray)
– candles
– vases or vessels (we’ve placed a single flower in a bottle)
– small pot plant

Embrace trays or trivets for a winning start.


– mix height and scale to create interest
– remember that styling in odd numbers (items of 3, 5, 7 etc) generally works best
– introduce warmth with natural materials (like a natural bristle brushes)
– add life with greenery (pot plants, flowers or succulents)
– consider having a theme to the items ie one tray has all black and white items, and the other has all pretty pieces.

Pretty bathroom styling

Niche styling

If you have a wall niche, don’t do as the boys on The Block this week and style it with Radox and razors (laughed out loud at that one!), instead consider using similar items to the ones listed above.

In a bathroom niche, less is more.

We’ve opted for a simple body cleanser, candle and brass pot with Chain of Hearts.

Wall niche

Bath tray or stool styling

A bath shelf or stool by the bath is another opportunity to add some style to your bathroom and here are the top 3 tricks we used we used:

1. Layers

We talk about layers, layers, layers all the time. Why? Because it’s one of the quickest and easiest ways to add a sense of luxe and create interest.

Layer items on top of a towel, book or trivet on your bath shelf or stool.

2. Introduce natural materials

This tip we mentioned for vanity styling especially applies for your shelf styling!

The exfoliating body mitt and body brush bring a beautiful textural element to this corner of the bathroom.

3. Use towels as art

You don’t have to settle for standard towels when there’s such a gorgeous range of luxury towels on the market now — they’re like art for your bathroom.

Look for towels that add a pop of colour or interesting design and feel free to layer or mix and match these for added interest.

Bath shelf


Styling items

Spa products: ASPAR
Black tray and white concrete house: Zakkia
Black candle: Nocturna
Roses candle: Diptyque
Marble tray: The Essential Ingredient
Marble necklace: HOMA
Brass planter: Kmart
Towels: Sunday Minx
Bath tray: DIY tray
Stool: Clickon Furniture

What other styling tips do you have? Or what are your favourite products to style with in the bathroom? Share them in the comments below!


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