Looking for a statement chair? These Icelandic butterfly chairs are divine!

Always on the hunt for gorgeous statement chairs, we had to catch our breaths when we saw these latest chairs that recently arrived at Curious Grace.

Taking the classic butterfly chair to the next level, this Icelandic range up the luxury and comfort levels.

Using the highest quality lambskin from the rugged landscapes and pure air of Iceland, these chairs are available in a ‘shorn’ or ‘wild’ look in black and white. (It’s hard to believe the colours completely natural, we thought for sure the white furs were dyed but it’s the ecological tanning process they use.)

Oh how we can dream of having one of these Icelandic butterfly chairs in our home!

If you’re on the hunt for a statement chair and would love to find out more about these Pampa Icelandic chairs or foot stools, check out the Curious Grace website.

Update: Since publishing this article, Curious Grace has closed.

Icelandic butterfly chairs

White butterfly chair

Black butterfly chair



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