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Could a cleaning schedule solve your home cleaning headaches?

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If there are 3 things certain in life, it’s death, taxes… and that cleaning is a never-ending job! Is it possible to ever get ‘on top of your house cleaning?’. It seems that as soon as you’re done, there’s instantly more waiting for you. And when you have kids or pets, it exacerbates the issue.

Cleaning experts swear by using a cleaning schedule. Essentially, it’s a way of breaking down all of your cleaning jobs into smaller daily, weekly and monthly tasks. 

Keep reading to find out how you could develop your own cleaning schedule or download our free A4 cleaning schedule as a guide.

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Cleaning schedule

What cleaning tasks to add to your cleaning schedule?

Cleaning tasks vary from household to household but we’ve listed some common examples below.

Daily cleaning tasks (as in, do all of these things every day):

  • make beds
  • sweep floors or do a quick stick vac through main areas
  • run a load of washing
  • wipe down surfaces, such as kitchen benchtops and bathroom benchtops
  • stack the dishwasher in the morning and empty at night or vice versa
  • 15 minute dash around the house before bed to straighten rooms

Weekly cleaning tasks (as in, do these things once a week):

  • change bed sheets
  • empty bins (may need to do this 2-3 times per week depending on zone of the home)
  • full home vacuum and mop
  • clean bathroom/s
  • clean kitchen
  • tidy laundry 

Monthly cleaning tasks (as in, each month pick one job from the list below):

  • clean and organise your garage
  • wash all windows
  • clean out bathroom cupboards and dispose of expired or unwanted goods
  • wash blankets and mattress protectors
  • organise pantry and dispose of expired goods
  • declutter office and organise paperwork or personal files
  • wash walls and touch up paint if needed
  • organise wardrobes and donate, sell or dispose of unwanted clothing
  • thoroughly dust home, including removing all items from bookshelves and hard-to-reach places
  • deep clean carpets and rugs
  • clean out oven, fridge and other appliances
  • clean outdoor areas, such as pressure cleaning outdoor areas and giving outdoor furniture TLC

There may be some jobs on this list that don’t apply to you or more you need to add. Think about your household and how you can divide up the jobs into manageable chunks.

Mopping floors

How to make your cleaning schedule stick

Many people will also commit to doing the daily cleaning jobs, but employ the help of a professional cleaner once a week or once a fortnight to help ease the load of the weekly and monthly jobs. The team at Jim’s Cleaning Sydney for example, offer a comprehensive list of cleaning services that you can pick from to suit your needs. 

It’s also a good idea to get everyone in the house on board with your cleaning schedule. Even young kids can help, such as making their beds each morning or helping with the tidy up routine before bed.

We’ve designed a free cleaning schedule template so you can try it out and see if a cleaning routine helps you stay on top of your house cleaning. Simply subscribe to Style Curator to get instant access to all our free printables, including our A4 cleaning planner template. 

Will you try out a cleaning schedule at your home? Or do you already use one? We’d love to know what other tips you can add to the list. Share them in the comments below.

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