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How to organise your garage tools for maximum efficiency

Want to bring a sense of order and calm to your garage? You’ve come to the right place! For many people, the garage becomes a dumping ground of stuff and an area to store things we’ll sort out later… yet when later never comes, the result is a disorganised, chaotic space. Because home organisation doesn’t just look good — it also makes life simpler and calmer — we’re sharing our top tips to organise your garage tools.

Get ready to bring a sense of order to your garage or shed, and cut down on the time you spend rummaging for things you need or cringing at the sight of havoc!

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Garden tool organisation inspiration
Tool organisation inspiration via @therenodad

Assess your tool collection

Assess your tool collection by gathering all your tools in one place and do an inventory check. This is an important first step to understand how you can organise your garage to best suit your needs. Or if you’re looking to buy a shed, it will simplify the decision making process given the huge range of garage sheds available to store and organise your tools efficiently.

To start, lay out all your tools on a workbench or a tarp so you can see what you have. Group items together, such as all gardening tools, power tools, hand tools, automotive tools, painting tools and so on. By doing this, you’ll quickly see what duplicates (or quadruplicates!) you have, as well as any tools that need repair or replacing.

Keeping your tools in these categories is also a great idea when it comes time to setting up storage solutions for your garage or shed, as you’ll create functional zones. More on this below.

Sort and declutter

There’s no point in organising items you no longer need or want. Have you accumulated a collection of hacksaws because you couldn’t find it when you needed it so just ended up buying another? No, just us?! Well, there’s no need to hold onto 3 of the same item when 1 will suffice.

Take the opportunity where all your tools laid out in front of you to sort through your collection. We suggest creating piles of sell, donate, or dispose. Be prepared to let go of any items that are damaged, no longer needed, or redundant. It can be difficult to get rid of items but if something is broken beyond repair, rusty or missing parts, it’s probably time to let it go. Alternatively, if it’s in good condition but you no longer need it, you might be motivated by the chance to make a little extra cash by selling it on Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree. Or you could donate the tools to an organisation that would benefit, such as a local not-for-profit or community centre. Always contact them first to see if they have a need for the items.

Decluttering not only frees up space but also leaves you with tools that serve a purpose in your garage, promoting a more organised and functional workspace. It’s one of the most important steps to effectively organise your garage tools, so don’t skip it!

Pegboard to organise tools
How to organise your garden tools via Adore Home

Choose appropriate storage solutions

Ok, now that you know what you have to store, it’s time to find the best solutions. Container boxes, open shelves, wall-mounted racks, tool chests, pegboards… there are plenty of options to efficiently store and organise your garage tools.

Wall-mounted racks are excellent for larger tools like shovels and rakes, keeping them off the floor and easily accessible.

Pegboards are versatile and flexible. We love using a pegboard for smaller items you need to use frequently. For example, gardening tools or hand tools. The best bit is, you can easily move brackets around to rearrange your pegboard as needed.

Tool chests are ideal for hand tools, providing a compact and portable storage solution. Or you could get a larger tool cupboard to keep your power tools locked away and out of reach from children.

Additionally, consider overhead storage racks for items used less frequently. Get a few large storage boxes to keep these items contained. This zone of your garage is also popular for storing seasonal items, like Christmas lights and Halloween decorations.

To keep even smaller items organised, such as nails and screws, our tip is to use clear storage sorting bins. That way you can keep them sorted by type while quickly seeing at a glance what you need.

Embrace a labeling system

You know we can’t do an organisation article without mentioning our beloved friend, LABELS! Sure, to some they may seem OTT but once you label, you won’t go back 😉

Seriously though, labels help everyone in the household understand where to store certain items and where to return them. You’ll hear fewer questions like ‘Where is [item]?’ yelled across the house, and others will be more inclined to keep the system going (one can dream, right?!).

There are lots of types of labelling systems, such as basic post-it notes, through to stylish vinyl labels, and even advanced QR code stickers that allow you to upload pictures and keep track of inventory. You could also use a colour-coding label system for different categories of tools or zones in your garage. We say, you do you!

Tips: It is worth using waterproof labels if your garage is prone to moisture. And we suggest making your labels large enough so you can effortlessly identify where each tool belongs. By implementing a labeling system, you’ll save time and reduce frustration when searching for specific tools in your garage.

Organise your garden tools
Shed inspo via Adore Home

Create dedicated work zones

If space allows, it’s a great idea to establish specific work zones within your garage. For example, you could have designated areas for woodworking, automotive repairs, repotting plants, and other activities. This can help to optimise efficiency and make the most of your organisation systems. Essentially, it’s all about minimising time spent searching for items or setting up to do a task.

Consider the layout of your garage and the frequency of tasks before deciding on the most convenient placement for each work zone. This approach will help you work efficiently and maintain a clutter-free workspace.

Even if space is limited, you can find creative ways to create dedicated zones. For example, you could install a workbench that can drop down when you need it or fold away and sit flush with the wall when you don’t. Some people also have a multi-functional garage island on wheels — think a moveable kitchen island but instead of holding pots and pans, it holds tools! You can wheel these into the middle of your garage for a major project or roll them to the side when you want to park your cars. The right solutions for you will depend on your space and your needs.

Regular maintenance and review

Ahhhh the dreaded final step to maintaining any organisation system is to regularly review and maintain the space. This could be as simple as repairing tools or storage items that have broken, such as a damaged wall bracket, or more complex like setting up another work zone for your latest hobby. Similarly, you may find that a zone isn’t efficient or could be improved in some way.

Some other things to check when you’re reviewing your garage storage are missing labels, items out of place, or miscellaneous piles of stuff that have found their way into your garage and need a more permanent solution. It’s best to resolve these smaller issues quickly, before they turn into bigger problems that get put back into the ‘too hard basket’.

We hope these tips help you organise your garage tools so you can tackle any project with ease. Remember, a well-organised workspace is like a well-oiled machine — everything runs smoothly and efficiently. So keep up with regular reviews and enjoy the benefits of a clutter-free and functional garage. Happy organising!

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