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How to organise your garage and make room for more

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Is your garage starting to look more like a storage unit than a part of your home? If you’re nodding yes, it’s time for a change. An organised garage can save you time, reduce stress, and free up space for what really matters (like parking your GWM Haval H6  safely inside!). Whether it’s full of garden tools, sports equipment, or just everyday clutter, a well-thought-out cleanup can transform your garage into a functional space. 

Follow these steps to create a garage that’s both practical and pleasing to the eye.

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Garage organisation using shelving
See how Gina recently organised her garage

Start with a clean slate

Kick off your garage transformation by clearing it out completely. That’s right, everything must go.

Starting from scratch lets you see exactly how much space you have. It also makes it easier to decide what should go back in. Think about each item. Does it have a purpose? Have you used it recently? If not, you probably don’t need to hold onto it. This isn’t just about throwing things out or selling items you no longer use. It’s about making your garage work better for you.

Use your walls wisely

If you’re running out of space on the floor, it’s time to think up, literally. Mounting shelves and hooks on your walls can greatly expand how much you can store.

With wall-mounted storage, you’re not just saving floor space. The smart use of vertical space allows you to store things out of the way and organise items so that everything you need is visible and accessible.

Start with a clean base
Starting with a clean base will make organising your garage so much simpler
Haval car
For many people getting a new car, like this Haval, is the motivation to finally clean and organise your garage!

Set up zones for easy access

Split your garage into dedicated areas for different things. Create a space for your gardening gear, another for sports equipment, a corner for your DIY tools, and a spot for car care essentials. 

By organising your garage into zones, you’re making sure everything has a specific place, reducing the time you spend searching. It brings order to your space so you can get on with your projects or hobbies without the hassle of digging through piles of items.

Choose adjustable shelving

Go for shelving that can adjust to your changing needs. Adjustable shelving helps your garage stay flexible, just like you need it to be. With the ability to rearrange and resize, you can make sure that everything from the smallest tool to the bulkiest piece of equipment has its spot.

Adjustable shelving

Give everything its own spot

After you’ve figured out what you’re keeping, make sure each item has its own place. Try using labels or colour coding to remember where everything goes.

By assigning a specific spot to each item, you’re setting up a system that’s easy to follow. Whether it’s tools, sports equipment, or holiday decorations, knowing exactly where everything belongs cuts down on clutter and saves you time when you’re searching for something.

Keep decluttering as a routine

Staying on top of garage clutter is a never-ending task. Get into the habit of regularly going through your things, figuring out what’s still useful and what might be better off donated or sold. By doing this regularly, you ensure your garage stays usable and doesn’t fall back into chaos.

By now, you’ve got the blueprint for turning that cluttered garage into an organised, efficient space. Remember, the goal is to make your garage work for you, fitting in everything from tools to your vehicle with ease.

Declutter and group like items

As you put these tips into action, think about how the Haval H6 fits right into your tidy setup. Its compact size and smart features like a reversing camera, sensors, and even a 360 Around View Camera in some models match up well with your newly efficient space. Find out how the Haval H6 can be a part of your organised life by checking out the GWM website today.

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