Be inspired to warm up your interiors with ‘Welcome Home’ by Hunting For George

We always love sharing the latest collections of Hunting For George because we’re constantly inspired by their dreamy lifestyle imagery — not to mention their products are just ah-mazing!

This season is no different with ‘Welcome Home’ just landing and true to their brand identity, have delivered a catalogue of images that make you want to just sit back and die (in the best possible way).

Shot in the beautifully converted Gas Regulating House in North Melbourne, they transformed the heritage listed warehouse apartment into an urban jungle showcasing their latest collection of homewares, bedding and art.

New textiles from Hunting for George feature fresh materials including linen, chambray, quilting, wool and leather together with their signature pure cotton. With many heroes of the collection it’s hard to pick a favourite, but some standouts are the Polar Quilt Cover Set with diagonal quilting, the Sunday Wool Blanket made from 100% wool and the luxurious Leo Navy Leather Cushion, a dreamy deep blue leather cushion with detailed piping.

Update: Hunting for George is no longer a homewares retailer

Living room
Large grid bedding
Hunting for George Welcome Home



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