Patio design ideas

Are you ready to build your dream patio but need inspiration? Let us help with these patio design ideas to create your ideal outdoor sanctuary. Building a patio isn’t just a backyard building project — it’s an extension of your living space. Patios are the perfect spot to entertain year round.

Whatever your patio aspirations, the expert patio builder team from Fair Dinkum Builds know just how important it is to get your patio design and build right. That’s why they’ve stopped by the blog today to share some ideas to make the most of your outdoor space and enhance your home’s aesthetic. Take a look at these patio designs that you can model your patio after.

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Flat roof patio design
Image via Hunker

Patio designs

The first step to creating your dream outdoor patio is selecting a design that complements your home and achieves your desired vision. There are 4 main styles of patios: flat roof, skillion roof, gable roof and dome roof. Let us run through these styles and offer tips on how to select the best patio design for your home.

Of course, almost any patio design is possible with the right builder. Fair Dinkum Builds offer their clients the option to completely design their patio because they want to help them achieve the perfect extension to their living area. But these are the most common residential patio ideas you may want to consider.

Flat roof patios

Flat roof patios or flat patios are your standard patio design. They’re simple, functional and modern. But that doesn’t mean they have to be boring! This design adds a seamless transition from your home to an outdoor area. From creating an outdoor dining space to an alfresco kitchen with fancy gas-fired pizza oven, the possibilities are endless.

Flat patios usually involve using your existing roof and extending it to cover the concrete slab laid down for the patio. However, you can also build a freestanding flat roof patio. It’s a clean design that helps create a seamless indoor outdoor connection in your home.

Depending on the size and materials you select, you can incorporate a flat roof patio into any style of home. Using elements of timber adds warmth and achieves those resort vibes, ideal for a tropical or boho style home. Whereas an all-white patio fits perfectly into a Hamptons, coastal or country style backyard.

Outdoor cabana kitchen
Image via Yanko Design

Skillion roof patios

Skillion roof patios have a distinctly modern look to them. It’s a mono-pitch roof with a slope ie a flat roof on an angle. The roofline can slope in any direction. For example, in the image below the angle is visible from the backyard and elevates the contemporary look of the house. However, it can also slope from the house upwards and out, ideal for emphasising views and creating an expansive outdoor entertaining space.

Like other patio styles, it’ll still bring a unique, seamless transition to your home. But skillion roof patios also provide you with ample roof space, ideal for installing solar panels. The roofline also offers excellent drainage and doesn’t present the overflow issue that can occur when flat roof patios are not properly designed or installed.

Gable roof patios

Classic and elegant, gable roof patios can take many shapes but in essence they embrace a triangular roofline. Patios with a gable roof are ideal for country style or Hamptons homes, but are certainly not limited to these design styles.

One of the main advantages of a gable roof, other than aesthetics, is it provides additional space under the patio roof, which improves airflow. The additional surface area also gives you greater opportunity to install lighting, fans, strip heaters and other functional elements that can make your outdoor space more comfortable and practical.

Gable roof patio design
Image via Home Beautiful

Dome patios

Finally, another patio design that’s worth considering for your backyard is a dome patio. We won’t lie, the ‘off the shelf’ examples of a dome patio can often look dated. But it is possible to custom build a stylish alternative or find more modern igloo styles.

Dome patios can encompass designs that quite literally look like a dome, through to softer rooflines that have a subtle curve. They’re also usually made with roofing materials that allow a lot of natural light into the patio, reducing the need for lights. For homes with high windows or a pool, the dome patio design is a great option. 

Igloo pergola
Image via Bucovers

Design tips to elevate your backyard patio

Consider the connection

Great design is all about seeing the bigger picture and when adding a patio to your outdoor space, you want to consider how it connects to your home or backyard design. For example, if you are attaching the patio to your house, your design should consider your home’s roofline and which of these patio designs would complement it best. On the other hand, if you are considering a freestanding patio, you’ll want to create a beautiful walkway or use other landscaping to connect it to the broader space.

Use materials for your design vision and climate

It’s easy to get distracted by beautiful materials and finishes but ultimately you want your patio to stand the test of time. And that means selecting materials that can withstand the outdoor elements. While timber is a beautiful material, it requires regular maintenance. A patio made of steel is most popular in Australia as it’s cost effective and climate appropriate. Keep practicality in mind when making any selections for your outdoor patio.

Enhance the look with decorative accents

Even a simple and affordable flat roof patio can uplift the look of your outdoor space. It’s all about selecting the right colours, materials, and dressing the space with the right decorative accents. The images in this article should give you plenty of ideas, but popular ways to style your patio include stringing up festoon lights or adding large natural pendants, plants in pots, lanterns, relaxed outdoor future… the list really goes on and on!

Thanks to Fair Dinkum Builds for sharing their expertise on the different patio design styles. They are dedicated to improving their customer’s homes by building custom outdoor solutions for them. Hopefully this info help you create a patio that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

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Flat roof patio in backyard
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