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The multi award winning home and architectural genius that is RaeRae

What was originally 2 separate terrace homes in need of some much love and attention, has become something quite exceptional. The multi award winning home, reinvented by Austin Maynard Architects, is a piece of architectural genius.

Enjoy a look around as we explore RaeRae alongside Mark Austin, Director at Austin Maynard Architects.

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RaeRae Austin Maynard exterior of home
RaeRae Austin Maynard living area

What started out as 2 separate homes has been transformed into a spectacular, spacious family home.

“RaeRae is a 5 bedroom family home which incorporates the front of two pre-exisiting terrace homes,” Mark explains.

“The 2 terraces are each sited on long blocks with dual frontage potential, a street at the front and an unusually wide lane at the rear. A glazed entry, set back between the heritage buildings, unites the 2 and forms the gateway to the new build, surprising in light and scale.

“The home includes a lounge, kitchen and dining room. Above the kitchen is the parent’s bedroom with walk-in wardrobe and ensuite.

“Beyond the dining room and concealed laundry is the 2-storey kids zone. It’s got 3 bedrooms and a bathroom accessed via a spiral staircase. Below is a rumpus room, a study and a multifunctional utility / garage space.

“The front of 1 of the existing terraces houses is a self-contained guest suite, including a separate entrance via the original front door. The other terrace is a home office.”

RaeRae Austin Maynard exterior with 2 terrace homes combined to one
RaeRae Austin Maynard timber kitchen
RaeRae Austin Maynard black perforated railings and bannister

The owners of RaeRae engaged the Austin Maynard team when they secured the property next door.

“The home owners were already preparing to renovate and extend their single-fronted terrace in Melbourne’s North Fitzroy when luckily, the house next door came up for sale,” Mark says.

“It was in a bit of a state, to say the least! Dilapidated and unliveable, walls covered in George Michael and Pat Cash posters! Plus squatters had pulled up some floorboards and burnt the fireplace.

“The home was structurally unsound and needed to be demolished, however a heritage overlay dictated that the street frontages of both homes must remain.

“We came on board and were asked to combine the neighbouring properties to create a family home and garden space, suitable for a family of 5.”

RaeRae Austin Maynard 2 separate terrace houses before the renovation
The 2 properties before the renovation
RaeRae Austin Maynard interior before the renovation
Before the renovation
RaeRae Austin Maynard green hallway before the renovation
The neighbouring property before
RaeRae Austin Maynard street view of 2 terrace home
And after
RaeRae Austin Maynard modern kitchen with timber and black accents
RaeRae Austin Maynard sliding door to outlook onto garden

This multi award winning home is not only beautiful to look at, but also well-thought out and functional too.

“We’re proud that RaeRae is an award winning home,” smiles Mark. “It has won Best Projects — Archilovers 2021. Winner of the Residential Architecture Award, The Australian Institute of Architects 2020. And received a commendation at the National Architecture Awards in 2020.

“While first appearances may suggest otherwise, logic, reason and rationality are the cornerstones behind the design of RaeRae. Initially it looks to be a fanciful design — an architectural mountain range — but at its core, the house is responsive and strategic.

“The roof form is contextual. Every rise and fall is tuned to minimise overshadowing and visual bulk. The roof is low against the abutting gardens to avoid overshadowing, and high where the neighbours have built against the boundary.

In creating height in all the areas, both internally and externally, the mountain profile emerged.

RaeRae Austin Maynard exterior with uneven roofline
RaeRae Austin Maynard side street view with uneven roofline

The inside is as unique as the outside.

“At Austin Maynard, we pride ourselves on exploring unique ideas and really engaging with our clients to find out what they really like,” Mark says.

“The master bedroom at RaeRae is an example of this. Instead of the usual request for a parental retreat in a quiet, far away place, the owners asked for the main bedroom to be at the very centre of the house.

“It’s located directly above the kitchen. The parents have the opportunity to directly engage with the activity below, or close the large sliding doors to create a private space.

“The children also have their own space. The rumpus room opens out to the garden. There is a dedicated craft / study area designed for both maximum creative mess and quiet secluded revision.

“A cool spiral staircase leads to the bathroom and 3 bedrooms. The bedrooms feature full height sliding panels which allow the siblings the option of being private, or to open it up.

“The house is deliberately nuanced in this way. Every part of the house can be a secluded space, closed off with hidden sliding doors, or opened up to be free flowing.”

Photography by Peter Bennetts

Wow! What a home! We can definitely see why RaeRae is a multi award winning home. Big thanks to the Austin Maynard Architects team for showing us around. You can discover more of their builds on their website or via their Instagram page. What do you love most about this incredible home? Chat to us in the comment section below.

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RaeRae Austin Maynard master bedroom with open concept ensuite
RaeRae Austin Maynard void with black perforated railings
RaeRae Austin Maynard study area
RaeRae Austin Maynard timber climbing wall
RaeRae Austin Maynard timber cabinetry in dining room
RaeRae Austin Maynard interior before the renovation
Before the renovation
RaeRae Austin Maynard side of 2 separate terrace houses before the renovation
The 2 original, separate properties
RaeRae Austin Maynard exterior with round window
RaeRae Austin Maynard garden courtyard
RaeRae Austin Maynard narrow hallways before the renovation
Before the renovation
RaeRae Austin Maynard timber kitchen
RaeRae Austin Maynard timber living room bookcase
RaeRae Austin Maynard exterior before the renovation
Before the renovation
RaeRae Austin Maynard interior before the renovation
Before the renovation
RaeRae Austin Maynard exterior damage before the renovation
Exterior before the renovation
RaeRae Austin Maynard white brick outdoor fireplace
RaeRae Austin Maynard fireplace in living room
RaeRae Austin Maynard exposed brick wall
RaeRae Austin Maynard black and timber living room
RaeRae Austin Maynard black perforated staircase bannister and stairs
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