What are the birth month flowers and their meaning?

You would have heard of the zodiac signs and probably birth stones too. But did you know we also have birth flowers? Each month of the year is associated with a specific bloom, carrying its own meaning and significance. Whether you want to create a customised floral arrangement for an anniversary or Valentine’s Day, or just curious to know, we’re covering the birth month flowers and their meaning.

Find out what your birth flower is or add a meaningful touch to your next gift of flowers.

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January: Carnation

Ok, we won’t lie, carnations often get a bad rap! Who can remember that Sex & The City episode where Charlotte tells the girls about a first date where she was given a bouquet or carnations? “I knew it was going to be terrible. The man bought me carnations… they’re filler flowers!”

Not all carnations are the same though. There are many varieties and some, especially the hybrids, can be stunning. This delicate bloom has a wide variety of colours and forms, and a spicy, clove-like scent.

The meaning of carnations has a rich history. Often associated with fascination, distinction, and love, the carnation holds diverse meanings depending on its colour. White carnations symbolise pure love and good luck, while pink ones represent gratitude and admiration. Adding a burst of color, red carnations convey deep love and admiration.

Pink and white carnations
Image via House Beautiful
Fluffy white carnations
Looove this fluffy white variety of carnation called Moon Golam | Image via Bon Bloemen

February: Violet

Violet comes from the latin name ‘Viola’ which means thoughts occupied with love. So it just makes sense that this is the birth flower for all the February babies out there. If you want to give an unexpected floral arrangement on Valentine’s Day, why not ask your florist to incorporate a few violets?!

There are more than 100 types of violet plants, varying significantly in shape, size and colour. Some have a very sweet scent, especially the ‘sweet violet’ variety (naturally!).

These enchanting blooms symbolise modesty, faithfulness, and virtue. Violets also convey the sentiment of “I’ll always be true,” making them a perfect gift for expressing unwavering love and loyalty.

Violet flower
Violet flowers sitting pretty at the front of this tonal floral arrangement | Image via Davenport Flowers

March: Daffodil

Yellow daffodils are well-known in Australia thanks to Cancer Council’s iconic Daffodil Day campaign. Just like the other flowers mentioned already, this one is also available in many colours. Those pale peach and white heirloom daffodils below are too pretty!

Representing unequalled love, regard and chivalry, these cheerful blooms are much-loved. Gift these flowers to convey the message of a new beginning or to express your admiration for someone special. But in the southern hemisphere we have to wait for the spring months of September/October for these flowers to bloom.

Heirloom daffodils
Stunning variety of heirloom daffodils | Image via Garden and Gun

April: Daisy

April’s birth flower is the daisy, embodying innocence, purity, and new beginnings. Daisies are versatile, symbolising loyalty, love, and simplicity. The classic white petals and sunny yellow center make daisies a timeless choice for expressing sentiments of friendship and loyalty.

Daisy flowers
Daisy flowers captured on Pinterest

May: Lily of the valley

Embodying sweetness and humility, lily of the valley is the May birth flower. These dainty blooms symbolise the return of happiness and purity of heart. With their fragrant, bell-shaped blossoms, they make for a charming gift to convey feelings of sweetness and gratitude.

Hard to come by in Australia though, giving a bouquet of lilies is a thoughtful alternative. Lilies are available in many colours and varieties and represent beauty, serenity and new beginnings.

Lily of the Valley
Lily of the Valley photographed by Sonja Cvorovic via Art Finder

June: Rose

The iconic rose takes center stage in June, representing love, passion, and beauty. With a vast array of colours, each rose variation carries its own unique significance. Red roses symbolise deep love, while pink roses convey admiration and gratitude. Yellow roses signify friendship, making them a perfect gesture of joy and companionship.

If you can’t decide on just one rose colour, why not mix a few into a bouquet? The arrangement below by Daily Blooms flower delivery Sydney shows just how fab this can look.

Luxe spring bouquet Daily Blooms
Pretty mix of coloured roses in this luxe spring bouquet by Daily Blooms | According to birth month flowers and their meaning, roses represent passion and beauty

July: Water lily or Larkspur

Some months have more than one birth flower. In July, both larkspur and water lily are traditional birth flowers.

Water lilies make a great stand alone gift, especially if your special someone has a pond. These flowers are a sign for purity, and enlightenment, and are often associated with birth and resurrection because of how they emerge from the water.

Larkspur is known for its strong and vibrant appearance. Symbolising positivity, open heart, and strong bonds of love, larkspurs make a meaningful gift. These blooms come in a variety of colours, each carrying its own special message — from pink for fickleness to white for a happy nature.

Larkspur mix ranging from violet to pink and white | Image via The Seed Collection

August: Gladiolus

Part of the iris family, gladiolus is often associated with strength, integrity, and sincerity. Available in just about every colour of the rainbow, these make a striking addition to any floral arrangement or as its own posy.

Its tall, elegant spikes represent moral integrity and strength of character. Gift gladioli to someone you admire for their inner strength or to convey sincerity in your sentiments.

Gladioli flowers growing in field
Colourful field of gladioli | Image via Bunnings

September: Aster

Similar in appearance to daisies but with slimmer petals, asters symbolise love, wisdom and faith. These blossoms come in a spectrum of colours, each carrying its own meaning. Purple asters convey enchantment, while white asters represent purity and innocence. Gift asters to express deep emotions and admiration.

Aster flower
Aster flowers via HGTV

October: Cosmos or Marigold

Another month with two birth flowers, October celebrates cosmos and marigold.

Cosmos flowers boast slender stems topped with large feathery petals. They represent order and harmony, the perfect fit for our balanced Libras. These elegant, daisy-like blossoms come in an array of colours including pink, white and deep crimson, and each colour carries its own meaning.

Pink cosmos, for example, represents love and affection. Gifting pink cosmos conveys a message of admiration and appreciation. White cosmos, on the other hand, symbolise purity and innocence, making it a fitting choice for celebrating new beginnings or expressing heartfelt condolences. Deep crimson or red cosmos exude passion and a strong sense of love, the perfect gift for expressing deep emotions and romantic feelings.

The other birth month flower for October is marigold. A sacred flower in Hinduism, these flowers are believed to have the power to drive away evil spirits. Whether you believe that or not, there’s no denying this flower’s beauty with dense petals and vibrant golden-orange hues. Symbolising passion and creativity, marigolds also carry meanings of affection of grace. Gift these blooms to express warmth and admiration for someone special in your life.

Cosmos flowers
Cosmos flowers blooming in Japan via Explore Kumamoto
Marigold flower
According to birth month flowers and their meaning, Marigold flowers can drive away evil spirits | Image via Garden Design

November: Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemums, the flowers of November, are one of our faves! Carrying a rich cultural significance, these blooms symbolise cheerfulness, abundance, and friendship. Although they are not that fragrant, their large, petal-dense heads make them a gorgeous focal flower in any arrangement.

With a variety of colors, each chrysanthemum hue conveys a different message. Red chrysanthemums symbolise love, while purple ones represent thoughtfulness and care.

Bedside table styling
Two large chrysanthemums and a kale flower are the focal flowers in our bedside floral arrangement

December: Narcissus

Finally, the birth flower for December is narcissus. Symbolising good wishes, faithfulness, and respect, narcissus blooms convey a sense of new beginnings and hope for the future. Gift these delicate blossoms to usher in the new year with positive sentiments.

Yellow Narcissus flowers
Yellow narcissus flowers | According to birth month flowers and their meaning, this is the flower of good wishes and respect | Image via Kew Royal Botanic Gardens

Were you surprised by these birth month flowers and their meaning? Or have you been inspired to incorporate the birth flower of someone special into their next floral arrangement? If you’ve got more info about the symbolism of flowers, share it in the comments below.

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