Room-by-room guide to using crystals: What crystals to use and where in your home

There’s no denying that crystals have become a popular décor piece in interior styling but there’s more to crystals than just their outer beauty.

Every crystal possesses unique properties — from healing crystals, to love crystals and even protection crystals.

So whether you’re drawn to crystals for their beauty or for their energy and want to use them as tools in your home, we’ve got founder of Higher+Self, Soud, with us to share the best crystals to use and where.

Keep reading this room-by-room guide to using crystals in your home and if you have any questions, pop them in the comments below!

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Crystals in living room
Placing a large Geode in my living room (back when baby Alexander was the size of a hamburger). As Soud explains in this guide to using crystals, clear quartz is a healing crystal that helps absorb negative energies and elevate your mind to a more positive place

In your living room

There are many crystals you could use in your living room but a few that Soud suggests are Amethyst, Apophyllite, Hematite, Amazonite and Sodalite.

Amethyst is the master of calming and is perfect for a living space as it soothes anxiety and stress.

Apophyllite is a high vibe crystal and will raise the vibration of any space it’s placed in, perfect for a social living room.

Hematite has beautiful grounding properties and we talk more about this crystal in the bedroom section below.

Amazonite is perfect for stress and emotional wellbeing, while Sodalite is used for calmness and tranquility also.

The use of any or all of these crystals in your living space will help to create a relaxing living space while promoting positive energy.

A cluster of crystals around the TV can also help absorb electronic energy, particularly the grounding combination of Hematite and Black Tourmaline.

Check out this bookshelf styling post for ideas on how you could incorporate crystals into your living room.

Placing crystal wand on windowsill

In your bedroom

To amplify love and all the romance vibes in a bedroom you can’t look past Rose Quartz — the ultimate love stone. Manifest unconditional love, including the ability to help forgive and understand, by having Rose Quartz crystals in your room. Soud suggests placing two pieces of Rose Quartz in your bedroom on the right hand-side, which is the romance corner of your room in Feng Shui. This can help attract a partner or keep the romantic energy in your bedroom for your relationship.

Alternatively to help life your mood, Smoky Quartz, Clear Quartz, Lapis Lazuli and Jet are the best crystals to use. They are healing crystals that help absorb negative energies and elevate your mind to a more positive place.

Smoky Quartz is said to help absorb negative thought patterns while Clear Quartz works to help with healing, lift your mood and make you feel better — some people even place clear quartz directly on them, such as lying down in bed and placing the crystal on your forehead.

Lapis Lazuli is a deep sapphire blue colour gemstone and stimulates openness and infinite possibilities of the imagination — helping you find your happy place again. And Jet helps draw out negative energy and unreasonable fears.

Crystals in Patrick's room

Recently, Patrick was having night terrors and fears of monsters and other scary things so Soud suggested a combination of three crystals in his bedroom — a Selenite wand placed on the windowsill, Hematite crystal and Geode.

The Selenite wand is a cleansing tool, said to unblock stagnant energy and remove negative energy from a space. By placing it on the windowsill, you help protect your space and raise its vibrations. Hematite is a protective and grounding stone, helping you feel aligned and centered while also absorbing negative energy. By placing this crystal next to a Geode, also a highly healing and protective crystal, it helps amplify the ability to ward away negativity.

Call it coincidence but since placing these crystals in his room, as well as some other techniques such as spraying the room with ‘monster spray’ (aka lavender and water), and giving him cuddles to reassure him, he no longer talks about monsters or feeling scared.

In your kitchen and dining areas

A great crystal for your kitchen and dining area is a Feldspar point as it helps amplify an energy of wellness and health.

Calcite is another ideal crystal as it’s a cleansing crystal that helps fortify the immune system and overall wellbeing.

Clear Quartz, which we mentioned above, is also a popular choice for its cleansing properties.

Crystal cluster in study

In your study

In my office, I have a cluster of three crystals next to my computer — a Clear Quartz point, Gypsum cluster and Apophyllite.

Quartz, especially a Clear Quartz point, in your office will help your thinking. Crystal points are the most powerful tool to use for setting intentions and manifesting them into the universe as they amplify the energy through their pointed tip.

Gypsum is another ideal crystal to use in a space where you do most of your thinking, as it’s the best crystal for mental clarity. And the Apophyllite as mentioned earlier, can be used in any space as they will help raise the vibes to a very high frequency.

Holding large crystal guide to using crystals

Cleansing your crystals

It’s important to cleanse and recharge your crystals regularly to help release any negative energy they may absorb and to renew their energy.

Many people often cleanse crystals by using the smoke of sage, incense or palo santo holy wood. This is easily done by lighting either of these and allowing your pieces to gently absorb the cleansing smoke.

Charging your crystals is most powerful on the night of a full moon by:

  • gathering crystals and taking them outside, preferably placing them on the earth or a natural surface
  • leaving them in the moonlight for as long as possible, ideally overnight, be careful not to expose them to moisture.

After a recharge, set your intentions by holding crystals one by one and saying what you would like your crystal to support you in — perhaps a goal you have for the upcoming month. To further amplify your intentions, Soud suggests writing them down on a piece of paper and placing a clear quartz point on top of your paper to amplify this energy. Leave the paper and point together for a few weeks to help with your manifestations.

I hope this guide on what crystals to use and where in your home has inspired you to bring a few crystals into your home or add to your collection. You can connect with Soud and be inspired by her stunning Instagram feed at Higher+Self. What crystals do you have in your home or how do you like to style with crystals? We’d love you to tell us in the comments below!

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Photography by Thorson Photography

Guide to using crystals in the home
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