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Inspired by the Hamptons: A classic coastal home with an Australian twist

Inspired by the Hamptons: A classic coastal home with an Australian twist

The Hamptons design style is certainly having a moment right now. From Kristy and Jesse’s home on The Block to all the stunning Hamptons makeovers we’ve shared on SC, the insights tell us you can’t get enough of all things Hamptons. So when we came across this beautiful Australian Hamptons home, we knew we had to share it. Stat!

Today Emma from Hamptons in the Highfields takes us through her classic coastal Hamptons home, designed with a touch of Australia.

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white entryway _ classic coastal home
White hamptons kitchen _ classic coastal home

As a lover of the Hamptons design, Emma had no problem integrating it into her new custom built home.

“Hamptons and coastal homes are so wonderful and homey, all while having space and simplicity. I was inspired by the style and feeling of the house in the movie ‘Something’s Gotta Give,’ but I wanted to add an Australian twist.

“Our home has an inviting coastal feel. It feels like you can come home and shut the world away. We have quiet little corners with window seats to sit and watch the world go by. Or you can relax on a beautiful swing chair on our front porch.

“We feel we have created a bright sunny home with the feeling of summer days all year round. A calm haven that’s made for living in. It’s a home designed to grow with our three young boys.”

With subtle details like the dark blue wall in the living room and floral wallpaper in the powder room, planning this classic coastal home took time.

“We added character to our home with wall accents such as shiplap, wainscoting and fretwork. Adding these personal touches to our home was a slow process. I didn’t want to rush it because I wanted to know we made the right decisions.

“We went room-by-room, creating something special and unique all whilst keeping each room cohesive, bright and white.”

White living room with frame TV
Powder room with blue floral wallpaper _ classic coastal home

It’s hard to pick a favourite with so many gorgeous features but Emma has one!

“My favourite room would be our master bedroom, especially our white canopy bed and blue linen dresser. My husband made the white canopy bed. I also think the dresser sets the tone for the room.

“I wanted a relaxed coastal feel to the master bedroom. To do this I brought in elements of the sun, sky and water through our decor and colour choices. And texture — I believe texture breathes life into a space!”

White master bedroom _ classic coastal home

With every design project, there are a few must-haves and this home is no exception!

“One design feature that was a must-have was our mudroom. It’s located in our entrance hallway and certainly commands attention when you enter our home.

“A bright home always brings a smile to my face. This home had to have as much natural light as possible. We strategically placed large windows in every room, allowing as much natural light to flood our home. We also used a bright white on all our walls to bounce and reflect light.

“Next on our list is a pool. We’re knee deep in planning and landscaping to create a beautiful outdoor space.”

White mud room
White boy bedroom with plaid wallpaper _ classic coastal home

After seeing her home, we had to ask Emma for her top tips to build and budget for a classic coastal home.

“You don’t have to live by the sea to create a coastal home. My top tip for decorating in a coastal Hamptons feel is to be cohesive throughout every room. Bring those coastal blues throughout the home. Incorporate natural textures from floor to ceiling. All of this will evoke those long, relaxed sunny day feelings.

“Things don’t always fit your build budget, but you can always make allowances to add it further down the road. We knew we wanted a mudroom. During the built we made sure we had the perfect nook to come back to later.

“Don’t be afraid to DIY. A favourite little DIY that I created was our blue linen dresser. I wallpapered the dresser like you would a wall and added the beautiful brass details. It really offers a gorgeous texture to the room.”

A big thank you to Emma for letting us into her home. You can follow her Hamptons journey on her Instagram, or check out her website for more details. What were your thoughts on this classic coastal home? What is your favourite part? Let us know in the comment section below!

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White and blue bathroom
white walk in wardrobe
white powder room with blue floral wallpaper
White panelled livingroom with frame tv
White master bedroom with poster bed
White living room with white bookshelf
White living room with fireplace and bookshelf _ classic coastal home
White kitchen and butler's pantry _ classic coastal home
White kitchen and butler's pantry _ classic coastal home
White hallway console
White coastal living room
White bookshelf with frame TV _ classic coastal home
Nursery with green drawers _ classic coastal home
Hamptons hallway
Blue entertaining room


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