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4 creative ways to use traditional rugs in your home decor

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Traditional rugs have a special way of adding character to a room. With their deep, rich colours and intricate patterns, they bring warmth and texture to any space. We also love the sense of history or element of wanderlust they add to interior styling. But beyond laying them on the floor, have you considered other ways you can use traditional rugs in your home?

We’re here to show you the versatility of traditional rugs in enhancing your home decor. Keep scrolling for our favourite ideas and if you have more to add, leave a comment for us below.

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Adding colour and pattern to a traditional home

Why choose traditional rugs?

Opting for traditional rugs brings craftsmanship and timeless design into your home. Unlike modern options that often have minimalist styles, these rugs feature unique patterns and vibrant colours that can warm up any space. This combination of artistry and the quality of materials sets them apart and ensures durability.

Traditional rugs also hold a world of decorating potential. Today, we’ve got experts from Carpet Court to share some tips on incorporating them into your home décor. Let’s explore how these rugs can transform your rooms into cosy living spaces you’ll love spending time in.

1. Create a focal wall

Who says rugs only belong on the floor? Hang a large traditional rug on a prominent wall to create a stunning focal point. It’s a piece of art that can elevate your décor to the next level. By placing one on your wall, you highlight its beauty and detail.

This styling trick looks particularly good in the bedroom behind your bed instead of a bedhead. Alternatively, we love hanging a rug as art in the dining room, especially if you have high ceilings. The tactile nature of rugs can also soften the straight lines and hard finishes usually found in dining rooms.

Modern ways to use traditional rugs

2. Define spaces in open-plan areas

Open-plan living suits modern living but sometimes it needs a bit of help to differentiate areas without putting up walls. This is where a traditional rug can make a big difference.

Placing a traditional rug filled with unexpected splashes of colour between your living and dining areas works wonders. It makes your eye catch that area and creates a visual separation between zones. Yet when you select a rug that picks up on the colours of your home, it can also bring a cohesive feel. As well as adding plenty of character to the space, it can also overcome the feeling of modern open plan homes feeling sparse or cold.

3. Update your bedroom’s look

Adding a traditional rug under your bed is a quick way to give your bedroom a fresh look. Go for a rug that stretches past the sides of your bed to anchor your bed in the space. A large rug also create a comfy border that’s a treat for your feet, especially if your floor feels cold first thing in the morning.

Consider selecting a rug made from a super soft polyester cut pile. Why? Because it’s plush underfoot and doesn’t shed. This kind of traditional rug doesn’t just add to the aesthetics, it also brings luxury and comfort that turns your bedroom into a comfy haven.

Colourful home with patterned rug
While traditional rugs are generally rectangular, you can also find round traditional rugs which are ideal in an entry or boxy shaped rooms

4. Dress up your table

If you’ve ever thought about giving your dining table a bit of a makeover without the hassle of buying new furniture, here’s an idea… why not turn a traditional rug into an eye-catching and unique table runner? This clever idea is perfect for adding a splash of texture and a burst of colour to your dining area.

With a rug with intricate patterns and rich colours typical of Persian or Oriental rugs, you bring a piece of history and art into your dining space. These rugs are known for their beauty and craftsmanship. They let you play with colour and pattern in a way that enhances your space without overwhelming it.

We hope these creative ideas on ways to use traditional rugs has inspired you to add more colour and texture into your home. Do you have other unique ways to style your home with traditional rugs? Leave a comment below! To discover the perfect traditional rug for your space, visit Carpet Court today and explore their collection.

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