Driveway inspiration gallery: Contemporary driveway ideas

Something I struggled with recently was deciding on a driveway material for our house. Search ‘driveway inspiration’ on Google or Pinterest and chances are you’ll be inundated with dated or traditional concepts of predominantly American homes – not exactly the solution I was after for our contemporary style home.

So I did some research of the different materials available, the pros and cons of each, and ultimately decided on a concrete aggregate from Holcim. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out but it would have been helpful to see examples of different materials to visualise how they might look.

Here is a round up of the best contemporary driveways I’ve seen. If you can add to the list, please post a link to other fab driveway pics in the comments below.

Large panel white concrete

A standard concrete driveway can bring down the look of an architectural home… unless you put a twist on it!

It appears as though this house has a concrete driveway but with white oxide added to give it a light and bright finish, and the expansion joints have been cut in a square pattern. Such a clever way to create a low-maintenance, relatively affordable driveway that looks modern.

Dark concrete driveway

Another way of mixing up the look of regular concrete is to add black oxide to give it a dark grey finish as the boys at Graya Construction did with this stunning home in Bardon, Queensland.

Contemporary Australian house with grey driveway
Graya Developments, photography Cathy Schusler, architect D Line Pty Ltd, interior design TD Creative Agency


Always a beautiful material, adding texture and pattern, is a cobblestone driveway.

From Catherine’s contemporary-Australian-meets-coastal style home, to the concrete panel and curved house (all pictured below), this material suits a wide range of styles.

Bluestone cobble driveway on modern house
The Stables, photography by Lucas Muro
Cobblestone driveway on contemporary concrete house
Robson Rak Architects, photography Shannon McGrath
Slate driveway
BG Architecture, photography Dianna Snape, builder Bayside Construct, styling Ruth Welsby

Red brick paver

Sometimes traditional materials, such as red brick pavers, can be the perfect solution for a contemporary home – particularly if you want to create reference to your neighbourhood.

Red brick paver drive
Collins Caddaye Architects, photography Stefan Postles

Exposed concrete

Minimalist, understated and low-maintenance, there’s a lot to love about an exposed concrete driveway, which is why I ultimately decided on this material for my own home.

You can find all sorts of exposed concrete aggregates now, from simple grey pebbles like the driveway below, to those with a more colourful mix of orange and red pebbles too. You can check out the product range at Holcim for ideas if this option appeals to you.

Exposed concrete driveway
Neil Architecture , photography Hilary Bradford, Builder Philip Building Group

Grey brick?

It’s difficult to know for sure what materials have been used on these last two driveways – if you can shed some light, please share!

My guess is the first has used a grey brick paver and the second has used a cut stone?

In any case, they’re both beautiful so I had to include them in the gallery!

Cobblestone drive with modern black metal gate
The Local Project, photography Dylan Lark
Rock driveway on metal clad house
Neil Architecture, photography Hilary Bradford, builder TCM Building Group

Have you been inspired by one of these photos for your home? Or do you have other driveway inspo you can share in the comments?


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