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For flooring ideas and inspiration, come check out Style Curator. We bring you the latest in flooring trends, inspirational homes and current ranges to bring into your own home.

With concrete floors, timber floors, tile floors, carpeted floors, or perhaps you want something super luxe like marble flooring. We take you through real life home tours for all the flooring ideas and inspiration.

We have curated galleries filled with tonnes of inspiration and ideas on how and where to use certain types of flooring in your home. Whether you’re looking for ideas to fix up your current home. Or maybe you’re building your home and need ideas on what type of flooring to choose. Renovating you home might be where you’re at and needing tips on what’s the best type of flooring to choose, depending on your home, style and lifestyle.

We also have floor cleaning ideas to keep your home sparkling clean.

We take you inside some amazing homes with plenty of flooring ideas and inspiration. No matter what your budget or style, there are flooring ideas to suit you. We share the pros and cons for some of the hottest trending flooring products so you can decide what will work in your own home.

Fall in love with the latest in tile flooring. Get cosy with carpets and learn which ones are the most hardwearing or soft under foot. Go for coastal vibes with beautiful hardwood or engineered hardwood floors. No matter what style you’re after, come to Style Curator to get all your flooring ideas and inspo.

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