Grand finale! Reno Rumble week 6 full house reveal

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What a roller coaster finish to the first Reno Rumble season (we say first because we’re hoping there’ll be many more!).

The grand finale had us on the edge of our seats… there were a few tears as the homeowners walked through their renovated homes — don’t judge us, ha ha. But mainly lots of nail biting as we patiently waited for Scotty to read the judging of each room, so suspenseful! And when Jess and Ayden took out the win, it finished with explosions of confetti, some uber-sappy ‘Sunshine’ song and lots of hugs and kisses.

Let’s check out those ah-mazing final rooms…

Blue team

From the first minute the judges walked up to Carly and Leighton’s reno, they were impressed!

After a few decision changes, the couple stuck with the original green and beige colour scheme and the judges thought it was the right move. Introducing travertine tiles to the front porch and filling the garden with lush plants gave the front of the house a contemporary lift.

And the fresh and crisp entrance was also a winner, the judges said it was perfectly Australian and there were no misses!

Carly and Leighton hallway

Carly and Leighton laundry

There were hits everywhere in this kitchen starting with the cluster of black Jardan pendant lights. We love how they carried hints of black across the kitchen in the stools, handles and tapware.

The judges thought it was a bold move to not put in a dining table but that the oversized island bench was perfect for the young couple — and the undercover outdoor space offers a second dining area.

Carly and Leighton kitchen wall

Carly and Leighton kitchen island

Carly and Leighton kitchen

Carly and Leighton indoor outdoor

We loved their outdoor space and the laser cut masonite wall which offers beautiful privacy.

Darren thought everything in the outdoor area was a hit, pointing out the wall mounted TV, dining setting, BBQ, fire pit, and we lost count there were so many! If Romy had to find a miss, she would have liked to see some higher planting to add more texture and depth to the landscaping.

Carly and Leighton terrace

Carly and Leighton outdoor terrace

Carly and Leighton outdoor firepit

We looooved that study with timber table and raw-textured rug but unfortunately it lacked some important functional points like storage and easy to access powerpoints.

The bathroom got ticks from the judges for being a successful design but the lack of bathtub cost them as Romy thought it was a little ‘short sighted’ to not include one. Despite this, Darren was impressed by the face level storage, heated towel rail and bold design. Carly kept the styling to a minimum using just a plant in a white paper bag.

The room that got the biggest reaction from the judges was the living room with that STUNNING Mark Tuckey timber sofa — ‘bang on brief’, ‘warm’, ‘contemporary’ and ‘crisp’ said the judges. We felt the space had lovely character and flowed well with the rest of the house.

Carly and Leightong study

Carly and Leighton bathroom

Carly and Leighton living room to kitchen

Carly and  Leighton living room

Red team

“Great first impression,” said Rom of the front entrance, loving the colour scheme and how it made the plantation shutters pop. Darren said roses and lavender are two of his favourite plants at the entrance of a house.

The girls’ bedroom also got a great first impression from the judges who thought it was very cute. We loved the custom cubby frames around the beds and gorgeous felt rug.

As the judges stood in the room though, they did notice some misses like the lack of storage for toys and the beds which they thought were a bit twee.

Jess and Ayden kids room

Jess and Ayden children room

Jess and Ayden kid room bed

Jess and Ayden quickly made up lost ground with their modern kitchen which was flooded in natural light.

Darren likened the island bench to a command centre where the homeowners could serve long island iced teas. Romy thought they definitely nailed the ‘Plantation’ brief yet again but would have liked to see more overhead storage in place of the range hood.

Jess and Ayden kitchen final

Jess and Ayden double oven

Jess and Ayden double tap

Their bathroom was also a big winner — Darren ran out of fingers to count all the things he loved in the space!

Excellent use of space in the laundry which was ‘really cleverly designed and executed’. No misses in these spaces according to the judges.

Jess and Ayden bathroom

Jess and Ayden laundry

Darren gave Jess the biggest compliment of the season saying her living room was a masterclass in how to translate a colour into different tones and textures subtly.

Romy also thought they nailed the brief in this space — ‘It’s amazing’ — and loved that they introduced the very ‘Plantation’ chairs. Only miss was the odd bulkhead around the TV.

Jess and Ayden living room

Jess and Ayden living room fireplace

And finally the space that saw them win the show — their outdoor terrace!

Not only did it look beautiful but being water proof, insect proof and wind proof means this space is literally another indoor room, plus they have that gorgeous fire oven!

Jess and Ayden terrace

Outdoor area

Pizza oven

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Did you agree with the judges score or do you think Carly and Leighton should have won? Tell us in the comments below!


  1. Really great Ep last night, could have gone either way because both houaes were beautiful and both couples out in a massive effort. So nice to see a photo of Jess and Ayden with the boys they’re helping in Instagram this morning

    • We were glued to the TV last night and now feeling a little sad it’s all over! Fingers crossed they bring back a second season 🙂

      Agree with you Rachel, it could have gone either way – lots of people on social media this morning saying ‘of course a Block contestant had to win’ but it was so close. And we just saw that photo on Instagram, so sweet <3


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