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A space in the home that often misses out in the styling stakes is the hallway. A tricky space to style, let us help as we bring you hallway design and inspiration to ensure no space is left un-loved or un-styled!

An obvious one for the hallways is artwork. But how and where to hang it? Style Curator has you covered with tips, tricks and carefully curated inspiration galleries. We have the ideas you need to create a beautiful, inviting hallway.

A place of great inspiration are the homes on The Block. We take you through loads of seasons and share all the pics. What we thought of each space and each house. And whether we agreed with the judges (plus who we thought should have won!). Of course, one of the best weeks is hallway week! Don’t think it’s not exciting just because it’s not a ‘room’. Because The Block always gives us loads of ideas, styling tips and hints for how to style your hallway.

No matter what size hallway you have, we have ideas on how to style it. From long and narrow to short and wide. Whether you have one at the entry of your home or somewhere else within your home. There is stacks of hallway design and inspiration to be found on Style Curator.

From dedicated hallway styling articles. Or perhaps you prefer to take a sneak peek around other peoples homes (that’s our fave thing to do!). Home tours are a constant on Style Curator and there are plenty of homes to discover. To get plenty of inspiration on how to style, decorate and effectively use your hallway.

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