The Block 2021: Week 4 — Basement reveal

This week, it’s a room we’ve not seen before on The Block’s 17 year reign… it’s basement week! Most of the teams decided to go for a home cinema room, but Mitch and Mark thought an at-home day spa was much more their style.

Also this week, you may have seen from the dramatic promos splashed around… The Block was rocked by scandal. If you want the short and to-the-point version of what happened, apparently 2 of the teams got their hands on a photo of the production schedule. This means they knew which rooms would be up next, and when the challenges were, meaning they could better plan and order their supplies. Yes, it was a massive advantage and definitely unfair.

Anyway, let’s not let this overshadow what week 4 was all about and get to the basement reveals!

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At home cinema set up in basement

Ronnie and Georgia

Look… throw us some sparkly lights and you’re bound to win us over! Another magical ceiling from Ronnie and Georgia, this time in their basement home cinema room. Apparently it’s an acoustic panel ceiling but we were too busy looking at the pretty shooting star lights!

We loved the plush wall and floor-to-ceiling velvet curtains — looking fab and providing functional acoustic benefits. The comfy and stylish lounges were one of our fave features, such a nice change from the usual black leather numbers that frequent many home cinemas.

The hidden snack cupboard and bar fridge were a sweet touch (pun totally intended) and the space had all the bells and whistles too. Things like that huge screen, state of the art sound system, dimmable lights, strip LED lights, sound insulation… literally everything you see at the real cinemas. It was pretty epic and still beautiful, too.

Cost: $23,410
Score: 28½ / 30 (joint 2nd place)

At home cinema set up in basement
At home cinema set up in basement
At home cinema set up in basement with large projector screen
Snack drawer in at home cinema
At home cinema set up in basement

Mitch and Mark

Not ones to follow the crowd, Mitch and Mark were the only team to deliver something other than a home cinema for this week’s basement reveals. Instead, they went for a day-spa steam room.

Talk about LUXE. Can you just imagine having this in your home?! Yes please, we’ll definitely take one. Such a fabulous addition to House 2 and beautifully done by the boys.

Features of this spa room included underfloor heating, soft lighting, full steam facility including steam-proof speakers. We also loved their tile choices, the built in bench seat, and brushed brass tapware. While some of their styling was a bit overdone, overall it was an oh-so-luxe space and well deserving of joint second place this week.

Cost: $31,975
Score: 28½ / 30 (joint 2nd place)

Basement steam room with grey built-in seat
Twin pill mirrors and freestanding basins in downstairs steam room
At home basement steam room
Built in seat in at home steam room
Steamroom with blue square tiles

Tanya and Vito

The team at the heart of this week’s controversy delivered a home cinema room complete with luxe electric recliners, plenty of comfy seating and another massive projector screen.

Look… it wasn’t our fave. It felt a little underwhelming after House 1 and 2’s beautiful basement spaces. But there’s nothing particularly wrong with the space, it just didn’t wow us. Having said that, if this was in our home, we’d be pretty stoked with the set up!

Cost: $32,106
Score: 27 / 30 (3rd place)

Home cinema with blue LED lights
Recliners in home cinema with blue LED lights
Home cinema with blue LED lights
Home cinema with blue LED lights
Home cinema in basement

Josh and Luke

Controversy surrounded the boys this week as they were well and truly part of the scandal that rocked The Block. Add to that, their fall from grace (first last week — a somewhat controversial decision — vs last place this week) and it wasn’t the greatest week for Josh and Luke.

The identical twin brothers delivered a room that literally looked like the movie cinemas. Quite small in comparison to the other basement spaces, but still a pretty epic set up if you’re into the movie experience.

We would have loved to see more seating, and a bit more variety at that. The cinema seating they chose looks comfy but not as stylish or luxe as we’ve come to expect on The Block. The drinks and snack station was a fun addition, and we liked that they included some shelving for memorabilia and additional storage.

What do you think? Did they deserve to come last?

Cost: $28,321
Score: 21 / 30 (5th place)

Life-sized Ironman sculpture in home cinema
Life-sized Ironman sculpture in home cinema
Snack section in at home cinema
Glass cabinetry and grey storage
Life-sized Ironman sculpture in unfinished home cinema

Kirsty and Jesse

Taking out the win this week with a near-perfect score, were Kirsty and Jesse. The highest score on The Block so far and yet… it wasn’t our pick for the win. We wonder if we’ll ever agree with the judges this season!

While the space was beautifully done and there were some touches we liked, like the fan wall sconces, overall we found the space a little generic. The recliners which the judges loved left us a little underwhelmed and the colour palette felt a bit flat.

Don’t get us wrong, the execution appears faultless and the stepped seating is a clever addition, but there’s nothing in here that we haven’t seen before or that left us with a feeling of wow.

Cost: $34,117
Score: 29 / 30 (1st place)

At home cinema with unique ceiling
Dark at home cinema set up
Snack set up and vintage projector in at home cinema
Giant projector at home cinema
Old movie posters in at home cinema

What did you think of this week’s basement reveals? And the judges thoughts and scores? Did you agree? Who’s your top pick to win this season? Tell us in the comment section below!

Be sure to check out The Block Shop if you’ve spied something you love in this week’s room reveals. And you can catch all The Block 2021 goss on the nine now official website.

All imagery by David Cook Photography

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