The Block Glasshouse: Week 6 room reveal

Always our favourite room reveal on The Block, kitchen week did not disappoint!

Contestants on The Block Glasshouse stepped up their game to deliver some of the most ah-mazing kitchens we’ve ever seen!

Michael and Carlene’s polished kitchen

Carlene is like a Bowerbird for all things metallic and we love her for that!

The contrast of black wall cabinets with white island bench creates the illusion of space while also adding interest.

Textures of matt cabinetry, polished metallics and glossy subway tiles come together to create a sophisticated kitchen! Well done for tying for first place 🙂

Michael and Carlene kitchen on the Block Glasshouse

Michael and Carlene kitchen on the Block Glasshouse

Michael and Carlene kitchen on the Block Glasshouse

Michael and Carlene kitchen on the Block Glasshouse

Simon and Shannon’s luxe kitchen

“If I had to imaging a perfect inner-city kitchen apartment in 2014, this would come pretty close,” said Neale.

Congrats to Simon and Shannon for being dual winner this week alongside Carlene and Michael.

We love the idea of cooking in their kitchen, looking out those oversized windows to that incredible view.

“Space craft” range hood, extra deep bench tops and black hardware are just some of the features we got excited about.

Simon and Shannon kitchen 3

Simon and Shannon kitchen 3

Simon and Shannon kitchen

Chris and Jenna’s wood cabinets and pantry

There are some features of this kitchen we absolutely loooooove and then there are other aspects we’d rather turn our back to (like that bar area!).

At STYLE CURATOR we only like to celebrate the good, rather than critique the bad, so straight into our highlights — that divine pantry with generous bench top and luxe inclusions, and wood cabinets throughout the entire kitchen area. That copper sink was also pretty hot!

Their hard work was recognised by their Block peers and they took out the contestant vote this week.

Chris and Jenna's kitchen

Chris and Jenna's kitchen

Chris and Jenna's bar

Chris and Jenna's pantry

Max and Karstan’s ginormous kitchen

“This is ridiculous” said Shaynna when she saw their pantry — coming from the storage queen, that’s saying something!

Max and Karstan had a huge space to work with this week and a tight budget that limited their ability to splash out on expensive textures and finishes (even a sink in the butler’s pantry).

From the point of view of creating an apartment that will sell for the highest amount at auction, we give them top marks! They haven’t used any stand-out features that could divide their buyers.

Max and Karstan kitchen

Max and Karstan kitchen

Max and Karstan kitchen

Darren and Dee’s ‘warm hug’

These guys are working with a much smaller apartment than the other contestants and have had to be clever about their use of space.

Their kitchen is like a ‘warm hug’ and is designed for a family. We absolutely love their herringbone wooden floors, marble splash back and bench tops.

Only minor functional issues with a drawer that cannot open fully but overall a beautiful kitchen we would happily have at STYLE CURATOR HQ!

Darren and Dee kitchen block glasshouse

Darren and Dee kitchen block glasshouse

Darren and Dee kitchen block glasshouse

Darren and Dee kitchen block glasshouse

What did you think of the kitchens this week? Any features you particularly loved or hated? Tell us in the comments below!


  1. Can you tell me the name of the marble?? That was used for the splash backs and bench tops in Dee and Darren’s kitchen please? I just love this kitchen and hope to replicate it in our renovation. Thanks Tania

    • Hi Tania, unfortunately we cannot say for sure what kind of marble this is but it would either be Statuario or Calacatta… but leaning more towards Statuario 🙂 I hope this helps!

  2. I love the glass round pendant lights over the Island bench top. Can you please tell me what size these are & where I can order them from? Also what is the length of the Island bench, as we are currently building & our Island bench top is 2.6 Meters in length & 1.4 meters in width. Love this look 🙂

    • Hi Rachael

      We loved everything about Darren and Dea’s kitchen, so gorgeous! Unfortunately we can’t tell you the exact size of the island as we don’t have access to the floor plans but the pendant lights are called ‘Replica Sandra Lidner Selene Pendant 40cm’ and are from Sokol 🙂

  3. Go go go dee I love bathroom and floors well set
    Go for the gold go for money is finally here best of good
    Luck. I hope you win please from Aimee mason ops don’t let me down or fans

  4. I’m so happy to have the Block in my life … Just trying to pick my new kitchen bench tops and colours to go with my wooden floors … I can totally see it now 🙂

  5. Thanks for the pictures of these super stylish kitchens. My favourite features are the thick marble bench top and herringbone wooden floors 🙂


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