Home ADVICE BUILDING OR RENOVATING Adding a luxe feel to my home with designer sheer curtains from DIY Blinds

Adding a luxe feel to my home with designer sheer curtains from DIY Blinds

Adding a luxe feel to my home with designer sheer curtains from DIY Blinds

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Ever since we moved into our home, I knew our windows needed sheer curtains to finish the spaces.

Those of you who followed along my build journey would know that we went over time and over budget so by the end, we were exhausted and broke, ha ha!

Eighteen months on, I’m so happy that we finally ticked this job off the ‘to do’ list and boy-oh-boy has it made a massive difference to our home!

Let’s take a peek at the spaces where we got designer curtains by DIY Blinds installed.

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By our main entry we have a small window that looks out onto the street. It’s a lovely feature that allows lots of natural light in but it doesn’t do much for privacy so I got a small sheer curtain for this window.

Now we have the privacy we want without losing light, and it creates a softer and more welcoming first impression too.

Sheer curtain in entry

Living room

In our living room we have recess fit blockout honeycomb blinds. When they are down they offer ultimate privacy but reduce the amount of natural light in the space and feel a bit too modern (read: cold) for my liking.

Sheers in this room have completely changed the feel of the space — it’s now luxe, light and airy. I’m so in love!

Living room curtains
Luxe designer sheer curtains add softness to my living room

Downstairs bedroom

I also got sheer curtains put in my former office space (I’ll be sharing my new office with you soon). There isn’t much happening in this room right now but here’s a peek at how gorgeous the curtain in here is too.

Sheer curtain in bedroom


Our bedroom was a challenging space for me… with a raked ceiling up to 3.2 metres, I thought it would be impossible to find curtains that long. And then if I were running the curtains along the ceiling — what the heck would I do along the other wall where it’s sloped?? The only other option was to run curtains at a lower height (such as inline with the top of the cabinetry) but I felt like this would cut the room and take away from the ceiling feature.

See my dilemma?!

Fortunately the team at DIY Blinds didn’t hesitate to say that they could make curtains to any length and they can custom-make curtains for the sloping ceiling too (they used some sort of trapezium mathematical formula and it worked!).


If you’re looking for designer sheer curtains without the designer price tag, you’ve just got to check out the newly launched curtain range from DIY Blinds here.

They have a huge selection of highest quality curtains to choose from — all custom made to your exact measurements, right here in Australia at 50% less than traditional prices. Oh, and they’ll be made within 3 weeks!

If you have any questions about the curtains, pop them in the comments below and I’ll answer you right away.

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Photography credit: Thorson Photography


  1. Hi Gina! What a beautiful space even though it’s been 4 years! I’m thinking of using Morton Ice but was wondering if you wished you had a heavier linen like Allusion and textured instead. Does it fold well as this is quite light?

    • Hi Shaz, thanks for your lovely comment and good question! For years I loved the Morton range and used it in a lot of projects but lately, I am gravitating towards heavier fabrics with more texture. In the recent surprise bedroom makeover, I used a Warwick fabric ‘Calais’ in colour ‘Pewter’ which is so luxe (they have other colours too). Hope this helps 😉

  2. Hi Gina,

    I know this was a while ago, but in the bedroom, did you have roller blinds under the sheers? As in block out? And if so did you start these at the height of the window rather then the ceiling?

  3. Hi Gina
    I have recently discovered your page and LOVE the style of your home – it’s stunning! I also have honeycomb blinds recessed in the window frame and thinking about getting sheers over the top to soften the room. My only concern with getting white sheers is that I have two small children (2 and 4). How do you find the sheers hold up with having a young family? keeping them looking white 🙂

    • Hi Lisa, thanks so much for your lovely comment. The sheers are very forgiving and hide marks well when you use an s fold. I haven’t cleaned them since they were installed and they still look great. This spring I’ll probably get them professionally cleaned though as when I get up close I can see a few spots of discolouration (and we had all that terrible smoke in Canberra recently). The kids play with the curtains often, especially the one in Alexander’s room, and it hasn’t been a problem. Hope this helps 😉

      • That’s really helpful thank you Gina! I think I’ll go ahead with my next project – sheer curtains 🙂
        Have you had any experience with the sheers from Freedom?

        • Hi Lisa, I haven’t used sheers from Freedom before. I tend to stick with curtains from DIY Blinds as they’re all custom made to fit (and they can arrange an installer), can make them from any fabric and have really quick turnaround 🙂

  4. Hi Gina, I’ve just ordered some samples from these guys but they didn’t have Morton range. I’ve got samples of Alexandra, Como and Centennial in their 2 whitest colourways. Very hard to work out how “flowy” I’ll need the fabric to be!

  5. Hi Gina, your house is stunning!! I can totally relate to your build with my current new owner builder build in Tassie. Started on 12 months ago and trying to stick within our budget! We are at the stage of selecting window furnishings. I have a number of samples (light and dark) from DYI online blinds but finding it difficult to pick a colour! I have monument windows, white walls, white kitchen, natural oak coloured wood look floor tiles in main section, concrete look flooring in wet areas and charcoal carpet. I can’t decide on either white or charcoal roller blinds – white will blend well on inside but unsure how they will look from outside with monument roof/double roller door/windows and timeless grey render. Our house is contemporary. I’ve also thought of plantation shutters in wet areas but not sure if this goes with my overall look? Any advice is appreciated ?

    • Hi Sara, that’s so exciting – your house sounds amazing! It also sounds like we have quite similar colour schemes and materials. I have monument window frames and white blinds recessed within the frame and then sheers over the top. White looks great from the outside in, and also I find it keeps a light and airy feel inside the home.

      Something to consider is possibly using white window coverings in main living spaces but you could use grey in the bedrooms for a cosier and moodier look? We did this at Bonnie’s house that we’ve been renovating and it looks fab. I suppose there’s no right or wrong answer, it just comes down to your preference and the overall feel you want to achieve.

      I absolutely love shutters in the bathroom and feel like these finish the space off beautifully. Shutters are a really luxe and timeless solution that work well with so many styles, including the more contemporary look you’ve got. I recently installed them in my bathroom and will share pics very soon 🙂

      • Hi Gina, thank you so much for replying back to my message. I think I’m now feeling a little more confident with going with white blinds. I too would like to eventually add sheers once we move in. I love the look of the shutters and following your comment feel that these would be a great pick for my bathrooms. Thanks again and I look forward to following your posts ?

  6. Curtains look great!

    Could you give us a bit more info as to the style of fittings you’ve used: rod, track, etc.

    And the style of folds: pencil pleat, etc.


    • Hi Adam, sorry for the late reply! I used a white ‘ceiling mount’ track and a clear flick stick. The curtains are from the ‘Morton range’ in ‘Ice colour’ fabric, S-fold and I got them to ‘puddle’ on the floor rather than sit on the floor or just above. The team at DIY online blinds took care of the rest, providing the curtains and brackets I needed to install them. Please let me know if there are any other details you would like 🙂

  7. These look fab, we’ve done blinds from them previously and been very happy with results. Switching our living room to our bedroom means I’d probably rather have curtains than blinds. I’ve just always found the idea of sorting out curtains way too hard, this seems perfect.

    • Thank you Ashlee, I’m so thrilled with these curtains. The house is sloooowwwllllyyyy getting there – still driveway-less 🙂 🙂

    • Hi Di, thanks so much! I went with the ‘Ice’ colour from the ‘Morton’ range. They supply everything you need to install the curtains – tracks, brackets, curtains and flick sticks to open and close the curtains 🙂 These sheers are a lovely soft floaty fabric but they do have heavier linen type fabric as well as block out curtains. Hope this helps!


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