The Block Glasshouse: Week 1 room reveal

Ahhhh The Block. It’s like our therapy.

Last night’s room reveal reminded us why we love The Block so much!

WOW-factor was at an all-time high The Block Glasshouse: Week 1 room reveal and here are our highlights.

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1. Shannon and Simon’s styling

Who would have thought it? Those boys have style!

Their Scandinavian styling had us oohhhhing and aahhhhing! Seriously — that slanted roof (genius!), wooden feature wall (always a TICK), and pops of yellow were just the right amount to put a smile on our faces.

Fresh, clean and contemporary, the judges were right to dub them “the masters of detail”.

That 5-foot cactus was an understated feature that added life to the room.

The Block Glasshouse: Week 1 Room Reveal

2. Michael and Carlene’s cabinetry and artwork

Those peppermint wall-to-ceiling cabinets gave us tingles. So luxe, a daring move that totally paid off.

Original artwork by Belynda Henry was also a big TICK. You can purchase the artwork for your own home from The Block Shop.

Neale Whitaker said “This room is a very strong indication that this couple is thinking of that young, urban, professional, inner city dweller”.

That light-well was also a master stroke that fills the room with natural light.

The Block Glasshouse: Week 1 room reveal

3. Max and Karstan’s window hero

Max and Karstan kept all other elements in their guest room simple (and just right!) to let their windows SHINE. They made great styling and decor choices, and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that next week things fall into place so they can present a finished room.

The Block Glasshouse: Week 1 room reveal

4. Darren and Deanne’s pillow styling

We’re crushing hard on Deanne’s bed styling. Linen, velvet and quilting were just some of the textures layered on the guest bed to create a truly warm and welcoming room — can we come over and stay?!

The Block Glasshouse: Week 1 room reveal

5. Chris and Jenna’s exposed trusses

We love it when people celebrate the original features of a room and that’s exactly what Chris and Jenna did when they painted the trusses in their guest room to create a suspended sculptural artwork.

The Block Glasshouse: Week 1 room reveal

Images via Jumpin The Block Glasshouse

What were your highlights from The Block Glasshouse: Week 1 room reveal? Tell us in the comments below!

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    1. This makes me want to watch the Block! Love the first and second rooms the most – and I agree the different textures on the bed make all the difference

      • Haha, The Block is so addictive and full of design and decorating ideas. We’re sure you’ll be hooked soon enough 🙂


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