DIY spherical candle: Make your own round/sphere/globe candle

Going by a long list of names, including spherical candles, round candles, globe candles or even moon candles… Whatever you call them, these round candles are seriously trending and today we’re going to show you how easy it is to make your own!

Making your own candles is fun and allows you to personalise the candle to suit your preferred look or scent. Plus you can save some money, too.

Keep reading for all the materials and steps to make your own DIY spherical candle.

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Close up spherical candle

Items you will need:

  • 100g candle making wax (natural soy wax or beeswax is best)
  • Candle wicks (ours are 15mm long)
  • Candle fragrance (we bought ours from Eroma but there are plenty of candle making suppliers online)
  • ‘Butterscotch’ dye chips (to give it that lovely toffee colour, we also bought these from Eroma)
  • Round candle mould (ours is from Spotlight)
  • Pot to melt wax
  • Silicone spatula
  • Glass jar (to support the mould while the candle sets)
  • Scissors
Items you will need to make spherical candle


1. Heat wax on low until melted. You only need half a packet, or 100g of wax, to make one spherical candle. But if you have more than one candle mould or you’re happy to make other shape candles at the same time, go ahead and make a larger batch.

2. While the wax is melting, add in one dye chip.

3. Once the wax and dye chip are fully melted, stand the pot aside to cool for 5 minutes. If you add your fragrance when the wax is too hot, it can burn off during the candle making process — leaving no fragrance left when it’s time to burn the candle!

4. Prepare your mould by placing it upside down in a glass cup and feeding the wick through the centre. You will make the candle upside down to achieve a nice smooth top.

5. Add fragrance to your cooled melted wax. Between 7%-10% is recommended. Any more and your candle can develop a dark smoke when burning.

6. Pour the melted wax into your mould and stand aside to set.

7. Finally, gently peel away the silicone mould and trim your candle wick. And you’re done!

Birds eye completed round candle
We used beeswax and half a butterscotch dye chip to give our DIY spherical candle a lovely toffee colour


  • If your wicks aren’t that stiff, it’s a good idea to use string to secure the wick in the centre. We did this by running cotton thread from one side of the mould to the other and looping around the wick in the centre as we went. To secure the tread, we used sticky tape on the outside of the mould.
  • You can experiment with the amount of dye chips, or soy wax vs beeswax to get the exact colouring you want. For the first candle (last picture), we used soy wax with half a dye chip and this gave the candle a soft beige tone. For our second candle (pictured directly below), we used beeswax with half a dye chip and it achieved a deep caramel colour.

We just love the sculptural look of these DIY spherical candles! They totally embrace the curve trend happening right now and make for a fabulous gift idea. Will you give this tutorial a go? Be sure to share your creations with us by tagging @stylecuratorau or emailing your pic to

More DIYs

Completed DIY spherical candle
Finished spherical candle
Light spherical candle
Light beige round candle made with natural soy wax and half a butterscotch dye chip

Photography by Thorson Photography

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