IKEA PS 2017 lands, bringing design-forward pieces without the price tag


Today I headed to the launch of IKEA PS 2017, which stands for Post Scriptum (as in the PS you write on a letter) and means the additional pieces that come beyond the main body of products found in IKEA’s range.

The focus of PS collections is on cutting edge Scandinavian furniture design without losing sight of what makes IKEA unique — affordable, quality design that has broad appeal.

This more vibrant and daring design direction certainly came through in the 2017 range that’s been designed by 17 urban designers from around the globe.

Pieces like candleholders inspired by the Allen key, storage units that contain no small parts, and self watering pot (ideal for people who lack a green thumb like me!) make up this limited edition collection.

There’s also a certain nomad aesthetic that comes through… a foldable sofa that can hang on the wall, a coffee table that doubles as a stool and temporary wall dividers all play to this sense of someone who travels frequently and needs to ‘set up tent’ (albeit a stylish one!).

My top picks from the range are certainly the self watering pot and stand ($39.99), candle holders ($19.99) and set of three vases ($39.99) that offer design-forward decor without the price tag.

You can find the IKEA PS 2017 collection at most stores across Australia or view the collection online here.

Self watering pot

Candle holder



Floor lamps

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