From flat pack to fabulous: The best ever IKEA hacks

We know you guys love a hack just as much as we do. Our Kmart and Big W hack round up articles are super popular on the blog, so we thought we should definitely share some more! This time, it’s all about the clever, crafty and best ever IKEA hacks!

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1. Double-up bedhead

Taking the MANDAL bedhead… and adding ANOTHER MANDAL bedhead on top gets you this fabulous look. Stylish and functional (you can add little shelves into the slats) we think this is a total winner.

Bed head hack_2 mandals stacked on top of one another_via may.bennison.stylist
Clever bedhead idea by may.bennison.stylist

2. A plain dresser gets an amazing makeover

This TARVA pine dresser is kinda generic, don’t you think? But just look at what Julianna from Blush & Camo did to it! While this transformation takes a bit of DIY know-how, we think it might be one of our most favourite IKEA hacks, ever. She shares all the DIY instructions here.

TARVA dresser_IKEA
TARVA dresser before…
Tarva dresser_IKEA hack
And after! This incredible dresser makeover is by Blush & Camo

3. Change table turn bar cart

When you no longer need your old baby change table, what do you do with it? Store it? Sell it? Well, here’s another idea… turn it into a bar cart! A touch of paint, a bit of a spruce up and it’s ready for your favourite bar accessories. Happy hour’s come early!

Find all the tips and tricks to style a bar cart here.

Change table to bar cart_ikeahacksdiy
Image via ikeahacksdiy

4. Kitchen cabinets become living room storage

IKEA is renowned for its affordable kitchen range but why restrict it to just one room? The ever-so-talented Shelley from DIYshelley (who we’ve featured on the blog a few times!) used IKEA kitchen cabinetry in her living room as her TV cabinet and clever added storage. So smart and functional!

tv unit from ikea kitchen wall cabinets_diyshelley
Kitchen cabinet turned TV unit by diyshelley

5. Clever use of kids stools… and IKEA doors!

If you’re a parent, you probably have one of the BEKVAM step stools at your place. But here’s a use for it we’d never considered.

Using 2 step stools and, get this, 2 FONNES doors, you can get this brilliant and super stylish TV unit!

Yep, that’s right, kids step stools and doors! Such a unique idea!

Ideal-Home_Jo Henderson
Image credit Jo Henderson via Ideal Home

6. Peg board becomes a green wall

Here’s one for our plant lovers! Using the already-cool SKADIS peg board, Dani created this wonderful living green wall. Simply add some hanging baskets and pop your plant babies on the shelves and you’ve got a great idea you can easily do at your place!

Skadis peg board into green wall_@living_atnumberone via lovepropertyuk
Amazing IKEA hacks – indoor plant wall from living_atnumberone via lovepropertyuk

7. A curtain rail for hanging plants

Another fab idea for the plant lovers! A great way to display your beautiful plant hangers is by using the RACKA curtain rail. Such an effective solution if you’re unable to reach, or can’t drill into the ceiling.

8. Luxe chair makeover

Take a touch of gold paint. A simple IKEA chair. And top it with the soft and fluffy SKOLD sheepskin rug.

Voila! Luxe, scandi-inspired chair!

Note: The chair pictured isn’t available in Australia but here’s a similar style we found.

Luxe chair hack from thekeyitem

9. Pine dresser gets a total makeover

The second hack for the TARVA dresser and this time it’s a little more straightforward (but still a great makeover!). With some new (old!) brass handles and a few coats of sunshine-y paint, it becomes a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture!

Pine draws_ikeahack
Pine dresser makeover via ikeahack

10. School bag storage solution

Ok, so this isn’t really a hack, but anything that minimises kid-mess gets our attention! This clever and simple idea uses the TROFAST storage unit to create a school organisation station where everything is neat, tidy and easy to find. Yes please!

Organising station by @homeandtribe_ via raw_homemade
Clever organising station using TROFAST storage by homeandtribe_ via raw_homemade

11. Bed head with clever storage

Using the TRONES shoe storage, you can create a simple yet clever bed head with heaps of storage. Pop your spare sheets in for easy access, or keep your books and other clutter hidden away. SUCH a cool idea!

12. Bed slats new lease on life

Staying in the bedroom (kind of) for another of our fave IKEA hacks… taking the slats from a no longer needed bed could be the storage solution you’ve been hunting for!

Use it in the kitchen to hang pots of herbs and quirky kitchen gadgets. Pop it in the bathroom for added storage, or maybe in the bedroom to hang belts, scarves and jewellery.

Simple yet functional, we love this clever upcycle that could stop would-be waste going to landfill.

Sultan bed slats_ichdesigner
Bed slats turned storage / IKEA hacks by ichdesigner

13. DIY rug

Rugs can be expensive, we know. So how about making your own?! A clever crafter took these cheap as chips IKEA mats and sewed them together to create one big rug.

You could try using any of IKEA’s huge range of place mats, smaller rugs or even bath mats to get the same effect.

Idea home-sewing-rugs-together-Philip Lauterbachjpg
Image credit Philip Lauterbach via Ideal Home

14. Kids safety stool

Ah, kids ‘helping’ in the kitchen (insert panicked parent here!). Sina from Happy Grey Lucky shares her DIY instructions on taking the BEKVAM step stool and making it a whole lot safer for her little peeps.

Perfect for future budding chefs!

Safety stool from happygreylucky

15. Kids kitchen makeovers

We see so many gorgeous IKEA hacks done on the DUKTIG kids play kitchen. And while these ones are not so much hacks as they are makeovers, we couldn’t resist including them.

We especially love the sweet subway tile details in the pink and gold kitchen, and the boho vibes in the teal and terracotta version!

Kitchen hack_thetexasteacher14
IKEA play kitchen makeover by thetexasteacher14
IKEA kids kitchen_mrsmerrellyeah
IKEA play kitchen makeover by mrsmerrellyeah
A Beautiful Mess IKEA kitchen
IKEA play kitchen makeover by A Beautiful Mess

16. Another use for the play kitchen — a flower stall

According to the Dutch team at Zoeyzokidsconcept, the DUKTIG kitchen isn’t just for the kitchen! They show us how it can be made into a fabulous flower shop with just a touch of added creativity!

If flowers (or DIY) aren’t your cup of tea, they also do burger bars, sushi kitchens plus more using their cute-as-anything stickers and magnets, made specifically to fit the IKEA kids kitchen!

kitchen turned flower bar_zoeyzokidsconcept
Flower bar hack by zoeyzokidsconcept

17. Storage unit turned super sweet dolls house

Using the ever-so-popular KALLAX 4-square storage unit, a few crafty people have created these gorgeous dolls houses! We love the version with the added roof, but think the wallpaper/contact versions are just as sweet!

4squre into dolls house_ikeahack
KALLAX 4 square storage hacks via ikeahack

18. Heat mats become a cork board

This collection of painted and wall mounted pin boards is so clever! But what’s even better is they started life as HEAT kitchen pot stands! You can find the how to instructions from ‘Oh everything handmade’ here.

Custom cork board hack from oheverythinghandmade

19. Basket pendant light

There’s no shortage of clever people out there turning regular baskets into fabulous pendant lights. We love the creativity behind this idea so had to include an IKEA version using the TJILLEVIPS rattan basket.

TJILLEVIPS basket into light_mariagomez_83
DIY basket light idea by mariagomez_83

20. Wooden train tracks turned blackboard

For any keen little train spotters (young or old!) how cool is this idea? Attaching the LILLABO wooden train track to the wall and adding a black board (or just use blackboard paint) to create a quirky but clever blackboard.

Train track into black board_ikeahack
Train track hack via ikeahack

21. Headphone storage solution

Tangled headphone cords are never fun. So how about this for a clever little hack. Attach the BROGRUND toilet roll holder under a desk and you’ve got the perfect headphone storage solution. So simple, but we think it’s kinda genius!

Toilet roll holder for headphones_ikeahack
Headphone storage solution via ikeahack

22. DIY cabinets turn custom entertainment unit

Finding the perfect entertainment unit is a challenge! They always seem either too small or BIG, too deep or not the right style for your home.

In Rachel’s large living room, a custom entertainment unit was the only solution but without wanting to spend thousands on custom joinery she came up with a clever hack using the Besta System from IKEA with Hanviken doors. The wooden handles from Auburn Wood Turning fit her contemporary home to a T!

Rachel IKEA entertainment hack
Custom entertainment unit hack by @house_of_o.u.r.s

Have you seen any other IKEA hacks you think we should know about? Tell us in the comments below so we can add them to this blog post! We love a good chat in the comment section 😉 .

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