Planning my new laundry room

Last week I shared my very embarrassing, real life laundry space and how it’s one of my biggest building regrets!

The time has finally come to do something about it and today, I’m pulling my ideas and inspiration together.

If you follow my Instagram Stories, you would have seen a behind the scenes peek of some changes that are already underway here.

As with any major renovation project I do, I like to visualise the room first by creating a mood board (I made this one using Style Sourcebook).


The trigger to do something about my laundry is the new LG TWINWash™ washing machine I’ll be receiving. It’s like the Rolls-Royce of washing machines — coming with dual washer system, turbo washer and integrated dryer in one — but it’s quite a bit bigger than standard machines and does not fit in the area allocated for a washing machine in my laundry.

I think it’s a blessing though as I’ve never been happy with our laundry solution and how our old washing machine was just randomly plonked in the centre of the room. The stained concrete slab floor and open-plan design with my messy garage were hardly features I loved either!

So first thing to change in here is re-configuring the cabinetry. I looked at a whole range of options from moving the front section of cabinetry across to make the existing washing machine space larger but that would involve needing to do a new splash back and risk breaking the stone benchtop. It would also mean the new larger washing machine would be in the centre of the laundry and I’m not sure that’s the best spot for it.

That’s why I ultimately decided it would be better if I reconfigured the back section of cabinetry to make a new custom sized cupboard for the washing machine and filling the empty space where the old washing machine was with additional cabinetry.

As you can see from the mood board above, I’m going for a clean and contemporary look with a few luxe features too.

My old chrome tap (the only chrome tap in our whole house) will be replaced with a new matte black tap from Meir. I love the more contemporary shape of this tap and how it will contrast against the white splashback.

The concrete slab floor will be covered with a new, large format soft grey tile called ‘Resin’ from Tile Republic (similar to the one pictured above).

For the finishing touch, I will style the space with on-trend accessories including luxe laundry products, a little bit of greenery and a few metallic accents too.

So what do you think? Stay tuned for the big reveal soon!



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