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Wall panelling is a trend that just never seems to go away. And for good reason. It’s a classic style that stands the test of time. Plus with plenty of DIY ways to add it into your room, it’s a great option for those on a budget who want to give it a go themselves.

Style Curator has plenty of ideas, inspiration and how to tips on incorporating wall panelling at your place.

The classic choice is VJ panelling. VJ, or ‘vertical joints’ (also known as tongue and groove) are a wood panel feature that looks amazing in any room of the home

VJ panel living room walls are seriously hot and a trend. This classic material brings style, interest and texture to a room and is quite an affordable design option (that many people choose to DIY). Go for classic white, or bold black panelling. Mix up your textures or go for simple and wide. Try your hand at boho luxe wall panelling or try the half-height style. Our blog is stacked full of wall panelling ideas and inspiration you’re sure to fall in love with.

We have a DIY wall panel bedhead with how to instructions. Or there’s a still classic, but slightly different large square design that Gina tackled in her best friends bedroom makeover. She shows you how it’s done so you can give it a go at your place.

And what’s great about panelling is that you can use it in any room of the home. From the bedroom, to the bathroom, laundry or living. We have ideas and inspiration galleries to get your heart racing when it comes to wall panelling styles.

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