Top 7 liquid hand soaps: Best hand wash at all price points

In our line of work, we’re lucky enough to have tried and tested dozens and dozen of hand wash or liquid hand soaps.

Liquid hand soaps can be a decor piece in their own right, helping to add style to any sink arrangement, but with so many products on the market it can be hit and miss finding a great one.

We’ve had many requests to round up our favourite products and one of our most popular posts has been this list of liquid hand soaps so we’ve just updated it to include the latest and best!

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1. Ena — Pink grapefruit, lemon myrtle & eucalyptus $33

From the moment we tried Ena products, we were hooked — and let’s not get started on that ultra-stylish packaging! Their products are made from botanicals and genuine essential oils, making them gentle on your skin and gentle on the environment.

The stimulating blend of Pink Grapefruit, Lemon Myrtle & Eucalyptus include antiviral, antimicrobial, anti fungal & deodorising properties, so your hands and body will feel 100% clean.

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Ena handwash

2. ASPAR — Botanical hand wash $29.95

The ASPAR range of botanically active products will make you feel like you’re at a day spa. Featuring desert lime, lotus leaf and lavender (our fave!) this heavenly hand wash is sulphate-free and will gently cleanse and refreshe hands.

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Aspar hand soap

3. Aesop — Reverence hand wash $39

The always popular Aesop just had to make the list, no? Another beautiful blend of botanical extracts, this hand wash is formulated to gently exfoliate to leave your hands purified and refreshed.

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Aesop hand wash

4. The Aromatherapy Co — Wild rose and vetiver $24.95

With similar packaging to the Aesop wash but at a fraction of the cost, The Aromatherpy Co has a range of essential oil blends to choose from. We love this one featuring wild rose and calming vetiver.

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Aromatherapy Company hand wash

5. Thankyou — Botanical lemon myrtle & goat’s milk $7.99

Not only is this the most affordable hand wash on the list but 100% of the profits helps end poverty. Thankyou fund a series of programs including bringing safer water, sanitation and hygiene solutions to communities.

It’s also Australian made and palm-oil free. Plus, this wonderful scent comes in a fabulous 1L refill so you can keep your original pump and save on costs!

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Thankyou lemon myrtle hand soap

6. Vanessa Megan — Blood orange foaming hand & body wash $34.98

Another Aussie owned and made product (hooray!), this liquid hand soap can also be used as body wash, leaving your skin feeling cleansed and hydrated. It’s also ticks a whole lot of boxes being vegan, cruelty-free and palm-oil free.

Reviews say this one feels like velvet so sign us up now!

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Vanessa Megan_blood orange hand soap

7. Bondi Wash — Sydney Peppermint and Rosemary $35

Made in Australia, this luxe hand wash from Bondi Wash is simply divine. Made with Australian bush flower extracts and pure essential oils, it’s gentle, hydrating and refreshing.

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 Bondi Wash hand soap

Have you got another liquid hand soap that you just love? Tell us about it in the comments below, we’re always on the search for new products to try! Or if you’ve been searching for a product and would like us to curate a top 7 list, let us know in the comments below!

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Liquid hand soaps

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This article was originally published in August 2018 but has been updated with new information and images.


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