Reno Rumble week 5 bedrooms

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Just when we thought Scotty couldn’t throw any more curve balls at us, they mix up the Reno Rumble game AGAIN! This week he announces there’ll be no immunity and not one but TWO couples will be going home!

So the stakes are higher than ever for the teams as they fight to stay in the competition… on the plus side, it means they’ve delivered the highest scoring rooms ever! So let’s check the Reno Rumble week 5 bedrooms out.

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Blue team

The Blue team’s brief this week is ‘Shaker’ which is all about an enduring relaxed and refined style that’s perfect for the country.

Carly and Leighton

Last team standing from the original Blue team, these guys delivered a gorgeous room for the homeowner’s six month old baby. The judges said ‘The team really understands the brief’ and loved their choice of furniture but picked up some less-than-perfect finishes, seeing them score 18 1/2 out of 20.

Carly and Leighton nursery
Carly and Leighton artwork

Jess and Ayden

‘Wow’ said the judges walking into this master bedroom. Their list of hits just kept going ā€” loving the sand-blasted four-post bed, cowhide rug and leather ottoman, pendants and artwork. In particular, they were impressed by the wardrobe behind the wall. Despite searching hard for misses, they could barely fault the couple, scoring them 19 1/2 out of 20.

Jess and Ayden master bedroom
Jess and Ayden bedroom

Team room

This perfect scoring 20/20 room got a lot of praise for the ‘simple and lovely’ colour palette, simplicity and functionality. The generous storage was a big winner too.

Darren was a big fan of the drum pendant light, loving the pleats underneath, and Romy was taken by the twin chairs on the back wall.

Team room styling
Team room

Red team

With a brief of ‘Understated Elegant’, this team delivered some of the most rich and warm bedrooms we’ve seen.

Josh and Jenna

Darren said this room has soul and loved how they layered the room. The raw but finished flooring was another winner.

Again, the judges found it hard to fault this room only picking up the rug wasn’t quite right for the space and the vent above the bed should have been painted to blend into the wall. Josh and Jenna scored 19 1/2 out of 20.

Josh and Jenna bedroom
Josh and Jenna wardrobe

Kyal and Kara

The Super Ks do it again with a perfect 20/20 score. The homeowner requested plenty of storage for her shoe addiction and that’s exactly what they gave her! Darren said the bed feels very full (how many cushions did you count on that bed?!) but appropriate in this house. And overall the judges thought this was a very luxurious room that was right on brief.

Kyal and Kara master bedroom
Kyal and Kara master bedroom

Team room

‘Another pretty room’ said Romy walking into this guest bedroom. She loved the single side table and hanging pendant, and said the round rug was an interesting choice but a good one. Darren however found a few things he really didn’t like in this room including the artwork and bed head. Still a great score of 18 1/2 out of 20 though.

Red team styling
Red team room

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Which Reno Rumble week 5 bedrooms did you like the most? Tell us in the comments below!

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    1. Hi there

      I loved Ayden and Jess’s bedroom. I would take that four poster bed in a second and I admire their restraint in leaving the rest of the room alone.

      It’s kind of a shame that Carly didn’t perhaps google ‘Shaker’ enough to be fully inspired by the brief. It’s a fascinating aesthetic.

      But…. how amazing have every single reno been on this show? I am pretty inspired.

      • Hi Julia

        Thanks so much for your comment and we’re finding this season of Reno Rumble so inspiring too! Absolutely agree with all your comments, especially about Jess and Ayden’s bedroom – ah-mahzing!!! šŸ™‚ Who do you think will win this series?


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