Wrap a gift like a bunny using fabric: Sweet Easter gift wrap idea for some-bunny special

For those people who don’t want chocolates at Easter — who even are they?! — here’s a sweet Easter gift wrap idea using fabric to create a bunny shape. It gives any gift an Easter flavour and best of all, it’s low waste! Watch the video below or keep reading to see how easy it is to wrap a gift like a bunny using fabric.

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Items you will need:

  • Piece of fabric (it’s best to use cotton or another material with some hold rather than nylon, muslin or a slinky fabric)
  • Twine
  • Crimping scissors (to prevent frayed edges)
  • Scissors
  • Fabric starch spray or hairspray


1. Cut the fabric edges with crimping scissors to prevent frayed edges (optional but gives a nicer finish).

Cut edges with crimpin scissors
Cut edges with crimping scissors

2. Place the gift on the fabric, with the ‘good’ side facing down and leaving 1/3 extra fabric at a the top.

Fold material around gift
Fold material around gift leaving excess fabric at the top

3. Wrap the gift as you usually would but rather than folding down the top, tie a knot using twine or thread.

Tie a knot at the top of gift
Tie a knot at the top of gift using twine

4. Then shape two bunny ears that you also tie into place with twine.

Shape bunny ears Wrap a gift like a bunny using fabric
Shape bunny ears and tie into place with twine

5. To keep the ears up, either use fabric starch or hairspray. Spray a generous amount and leave the gift lying down until dry.

Spray ears in place Wrap a gift like a bunny using fabric
Spray ears in place using starch or hairspray

It’s that easy to wrap an Easter present like a bunny! Will you use this gift wrap technique for some-bunny special?

More Easter ideas

Finished bunny ear gift wrap Wrap a gift like a bunny using fabric
End result showing how to wrap a gift like a bunny using fabric

This article was first published in March 2021 and continues to be updated.

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