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10 genius ways to organise your home

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Tiny, organised pockets around the home, where everything has a dedicated place, has never been more appreciated or trending. But how do you create these sanctuaries of order? Here are 10 genius ways to organise your home!

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1. Pantry goals

Without a doubt, one of the most popular and viral home organisation ideas is to have a fabulously organised pantry. We’ve seen celebrities and everyday people alike, turn their pantries into perfectly organised spaces where every food packet and bottle has been meticulously placed.

Don’t be disheartened if you don’t have matching, stylishly labeled containers — while aesthetics matter, it’s ultimately about functionality.

Whether you have a pantry cupboard or a walk-in pantry, here are some great ways to organise the space.

Baskets for food packets

One of our favourite pantry organising hacks is to use baskets. Smaller baskets are great for food packets and keeping small items organised, while large baskets can store excess food neatly out of sight. Baskets can also help you to utilise the very top shelf of your pantry.

Baskets in pantry
Image via Styled by Fliss

Lazy Susan for bottles

Rather than having to reach behind and rearrange bottles to get what you need, place them on a Lazy Susan. You can find these in a range of sizes, in timber or plastic, and they have the added benefit of protecting your shelves from staining.

Lazy Susan
Image via Styled by Fliss

Racks for the back of doors

If you have a cupboard style pantry, you can create a stack more functional storage space by investing in a few smart racks for the back of your cupboard doors. While you can readily find thin wire versions available, we love the extra depth and sturdy design of these multi-level, adjustable shelving racks from Hafele (pictured below).

For even more pantry styling and organisation tips, check out this article.

Hafele pantry door organisation
Image via Hafele Home

2. Under sink area

Who else is guilty of having a dumping zone under their kitchen sink?! This small space can be brought to order with just a few tricks.

Removable hooks on the back of doors

We’ve never met a removable hook we didn’t like. These genius things can add storage to the inside of any cupboard, and we especially love them for items you need to grab frequently like a dustpan and brush.

Under sink organisation
Plastic hooks can turn the back of any door into added storage space, keep scrolling for more genius ways to organise your home

Wire baskets

Depending on the width of your cupboard, you may also be able to fit a few wire baskets to the side. These help you take advantage of the height of your cupboard and are a handy spot to store extra washing gloves, sponges and other kitchen essentials.

Pull out cleaning caddies

An even better solution than wire baskets are these neat pull-out cleaning caddies from Hafele. Mounted to the base of your cupboard, they simply slide out and are detachable for easy cleaning.

Pull out cleaning caddy
Image via Hafele Home

3. Craft organisation

Perhaps it was the recent period of isolation but crafting is on the rise. While many of us don’t have the space for a dedicated craft room, there are ways we can keep our supplies organised.

Ribbon box

Anyone with more than a few reels of ribbon would know the challenge of keeping them neat and tidy. One clever blogger has come up with an inexpensive solution.


From holding tools, buckets of stationery, sewing supplies or rolls of wrapping paper, a pegboard is a stylish and space-saving solution!

Extra large pegboard genius ways to organise your home
Image via Honeybearland

Storage cube

If space allows, a cube storage unit seems to be the must-have item in every craft room. Given they can store just about anything — especially when teamed with baskets that fit into the cubes — it’s easy to see why.

Live love DIY cube bookshelf
Image via Live Love DIY

Plastic storage boxes

And if your craft space is simply a cupboard rather than a room, how’s this for organisation goals?!

The Home Edit organising Christmas products genius ways to organise your home
Image via The Home Edit

4. Fridge organisation

Just like pantry organisation, well-organised fridges are also having a moment. Plastic drawers to utilise the depth of your fridge, trays to keep like items grouped together, and drink dispensers are just a few of the storage solutions that are turning everyday fridges into #organisationgoals.

Find our top tips to organise your fridge here.

5. Cable organisers

It’s great that some devices are now wireless but many appliances and electronics still require cables which can become tangled or an unsightly mess. Here are a few ways you can keep them under control.

Washi tape labels

A cheap and cheerful hack that will avoid the need to unplug everything in your dock before actually finding the thing you need is this washi tape label idea. Simply use paper tape around each of the plugs to label what they are!

Washi tape labels genius ways to organise your home
Image via Washi Tape Ideas

Cable basket

Designed to run underneath your desk, this affordable cable basket keeps your power and data leads safe and out of sight.

Hafele cable basket
Image via Hafele Home

Cable outlet

When it comes to needing to access your cables, there are stylish ways to do that too. This Salsa cable outlet from Hafele Home is probably our favourite for larger cords with its slim matte profile.

Salsa Outlet
Image via Hafele Home

And for all those little cords like USB cables or headphones, you can find a stack of discreet silicone clips that can be mounted to almost any surface.

Cable clip
Image via eBay

6. Under bed storage

You may have seen those great gas-lift beds that reveal a huge storage compartment underneath the mattress but even if you have a regular bed, there could be plenty of hidden storage space you aren’t taking advantage of.

From inexpensive slim plastic baskets that can roll away under your bed to DIY trolleys or trundles, there’s probably a way you can turn this hidden area into an extra storage space.

Under bed storage
Under bed storage genius ways to organise your home
Image via House Beautiful

7. Cleaning cupboard

Is it a fight to get your broom or mop out of the cleaning cupboard? The solution could be broom clips. These simply stick to the side of your cupboard and effortlessly hold these items in place.

Broom cupboard

8. Garage organisation

Let’s be real for a minute, how is your garage looking? If it’s anything like ours, this zone of your home could do with some serious HELP!

Our friends over at Haus of Cruze showed us that this space can be far from generic — just check out their recent epic garage makeover below!

And as for the storage hacks we can steal from them? Heavy duty metal racks are ideal for running along your garage wall — they can act as both a workspace when a timber shelf is used or as storage shelves. Plastic boxes (preferably not clear or opaque) can keep all of your tools and other garage items hidden away. Just as in the craft room, a peg board is also a great idea for utilising wall space, especially when teamed with moveable shelves, magnetic strips or hooks.

Garage organisation genius ways to organise your home
Image via Haus of Cruze

9. Drawer inserts

From inexpensive plastic drawer inserts to luxe timber ones, there’s no denying how practical these are in turning a drawer from a disorganised junk drawer (we know we’re not the only ones to have these!) into a neatly compartmentalised space.

You can use different types of inserts for every type of drawer around your home — from the kitchen to your bathroom and even your wardrobe! Check out the great range of drawer inserts on the Hafele Home website here.

Drawer organisers genius ways to organise your home
Image via Hafele Home

10. Wardrobe organisation

Saving the best until last, one zone of our home that will bring a smile to your face every day if organised well is your wardrobe. You don’t need a huge walk-in wardrobe to get moments of joy from this space, in fact, all of these ideas can be used in a regular cupboard style wardrobe.

Clothes organisation

Hands down our favourite hack to make the most of your wardrobe is to incorporate pull outs. From pant racks to pull out wire baskets, these allow you to take full advantage of the depth of your wardrobe.

Pant rack genius ways to organise your home
Image via Hafele Home

If the dimensions of your wardrobe don’t allow for pull outs though, the next best thing is to utilise baskets as they act in a similar way to drawers. Use the Marie Kondo method of storing things upright so you can immediately glance and see what’s stored inside.

Shoe organisation

Is there ever a thing as too many shoes? If you believe not, chances are you could do with some clever ideas to organise your collection. From simple wall mounted brackets to luxe pull out shoe racks, and the always popular shoe boxes, there’s certainly a lot of choice on the market now to keep your shoes organised.

Pull out shoe rack
Image via Hafele Home

If you do opt for the shoe box idea, steal this trick of attaching a photo of the shoes to the face of the box.

Emily Henderson shoe organisation
Image via Emily Henderson. Talk about shoe organisation goals! Genius ways to organise your home

Accessory organisation

Whether it’s belts, ties, scarfs or hair bands, there is a clever way to organise just about every accessory in your wardrobe.

You can find purpose-designed solutions, such as pull out belt racks or tie racks, or crafty hacks on sites like Pinterest. If you’re lucky enough to have a spare drawer in your wardrobe, we love the luxe look of using drawer organisers to keep accessories organised just like the pic below.

Drawer insert for accessories
Image via Hafele Home. There are so many drawer organisers on the market now — genius ways to organise your home

We hope you’ve been inspired to try some of these genius ways to organise your home and get moments of happiness when looking at your newfound order. Do you have any other home organisation hacks you can share? Drop them in the comments below.

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