11 types of white kitchen splashback tiles: Add interest with shape over colour


We know how difficult it can be to lock in selections for a kitchen… it’s that constant battle between wanting to create a space you love and that has a bit of wow factor, balanced with trying to create a space that won’t date too quickly!

Many people are drawn to white finishes for a kitchen — not only can a white kitchen appear larger and create the illusion of space, there’s a sense of safety in locking in all white finishes.

But white doesn’t have to mean boring. You can create interest by playing with texture and shape. And to prove it, we’ve rounded up 11 types of white kitchen splashback tiles that are anything but bland.

1. Kitkat tile

The Kitkat mosaic (or finger tile as it’s sometimes referred to) has emerged as one of the most popular mosaic tiles right now. Suiting a range of styles from mid-Century modern, classic to contemporary Australian, the rhythm and repetition of this tile creates an architectural feel.

White finger tile
Image via The Design Files
Close up of white kit kat tile splashback
Image via The Design Files

2. Broken hexagon

Talk about wow factor, the broken hexagon tile is graphic and bold. The 3D effect of this tile creates a serious statement!

Broken hex tile
Image via Trevor Brown Architects. Photography by Adelina Llive
Half height kitchen splashback tile
Image via Trevor Brown Architects. Photography by Adelina Llive
Broken Hex tile
Image via Trevor Brown Architects. Photography by Adelina Llive

3. Fish scale

Laid in either direction — as a fan or fish scale — this beautiful tile plays on the Art Nouveau artistic movement, drawing inspiration from organic and geometric forms. Another hot choice right now.

Fishscale kitchen splashback tile
Source unknown, image via Pinterest

4. Chevron

A classic and timeless pattern, chevron is linear and structured. Available in mini, medium and large tile sizes, there’s plenty of scope to create the look you want.

Chevron kitchen splashback
Image via Teranova

5. Grid

A personal favourite of ours, grid tiles are very mid-Century but have made a modern comeback. These tiles are also available in textured finishes, such as a diagonal embossed line across the face or perforated steel texture.

Grid kitchen splashback
Image via contemporist.com. Photography by Alexey Yanchenkov

6. Irregular mosaic

Another tile that suits mid-Century architecture particularly well is this irregular mosaic tile. It adds an appropriate contemporary sensibility to this style of home while looking equally as good in a modern build.

Irregular kitchen mosaic tile
Image via contemporist.com

7. Penny round

A classic staple shape, penny round tiles are always a good idea! Penny rounds add softness to your splashback and you can play with scale or texture as these are sold on sheets in mini, regular or large sizes, in either matte, gloss or mixed finishes.

White penny round tile in kitchen
Image via @scandilane_
White penny round tile
Image via @scandilane_

8. Subway

Hands down the most popular kitchen splashback tile, subway tiles are also incredibly versatile. You can create so many different looks with subway tiles depending on the style and size of tile, and the way they are laid.

There are at least a dozen ways you can lay a subway tile. Brick bond, vertical stack, herringbone and basket weave are just some of the more common patterns to create. You can also create a completely different look depending on the style of subway — straight edge finish (flat tile), beveled edge (an angled border around the tile) or handmade finish (a softer and more organic appearance). Subway tiles are also available in a range of sizes and specialty finishes, such as a crackle glaze. Did we mention they’re versatile?!

White handmade subway tile
Image via Bicker Design
Vertical stack handmade subway tile
Image via Bicker Design

9. Geometric

It’s hard to appreciate this geometric mosaic tile or ‘the cube’ as it’s also known, until it’s laid and grouted — photos just don’t do it justice! A great option for a modern kitchen, this minimal tile creates a more subtle 3D effect than the broken hexagon pictured above.

Geometric kitchen splashback
Image via Est Living
Geometric kitchen splashback
Image via Est Living

10. Herringbone

Similar to chevron, herringbone tiles are an all-time classic but with a bit more softness (they don’t have the same sharp angles). Always a firm favourite, herringbone tiles are the perfect choice for a classic or Hampton’s style kitchen — especially when teamed with marble finishes.

Mini herringbone kitchen splashback
Image via Nina Jizhar
Kitchen vignette with white herringbone tile
Image via Our Hill Home
Herringbone kitchen splashback
Image via Our Hill Home

11. Hexagon

Another classic shape that’s been around since the Industrial Era, this tile is a main-stayer. Although hexagons had their heyday a few years ago, they will always remain in style. Hexagons are a more angular play on the penny round shape and come in a range of sizes.

white kitchen splashback tiles
Image via Shift Interiors

Did you find a white kitchen tile for your splashback in this list? Thanks to Tile Republic for helping us to curate this round up!

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