8 Quick fixes to get your home ready for sale

The talented ladies at The Real Estate Stylist are with us today to share their expert advice on how to get your home sale ready.

Sara and Amy have styled hundreds of homes to get them ready for auction or private sale, helping to bring out the full potential of a property and reach its optimum selling price.

The Real Estate Stylist

Here are their 8 quick fixes to get your home ready for sale.

1. Be sensible about what you need to do.

“Take a step back and look at the property from a buyer’s point of view,” says Sara. “Ask yourself is it too loud, oppressive, dark or cluttered?”

She says it’s important to remove emotion from this thought process.

“It’s business. You need to put aside your emotional attachment to your home and the things in it and consider what you can do to attract the highest sale price.”

Enlisting the advice of an expert can help.

“If you can’t afford a real estate stylist, talk to an agent about where you can get the most bang for your buck.”

2. Pack away almost all personal items.

“Clean up in a big way,” recommends Amy.

“You need to create a clean and bare home that potential buyers could imagine moving into.

“Pack up your personal items and put them in storage, it will cost a little bit but will pay off at sale.”

3. Repaint.

“Repainting is really, really, really worth it,” says Sara.

“Remove the purple sponge feature walls,” she laughs, “And create a blank canvas in a very neutral colour.”

4. Put your pets away.

“Arrange for a family member to take care of your pets while your home is on the market or put them in a kennel for that time,” says Amy.

“You don’t want pet hair, or the smell of pets, to turn buyers off.”

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5. Invest in carpet cleaning.

“It doesn’t cost much and will instantly freshen up your home. If you’ve had pets, this is an absolute must.”

6. Let in the light.

“Make your home as light as possible by pulling up the blinds and turning all the lamps on.”

7. Change your letterbox.

“When people come to inspect your house, they’ll be driving down your street looking for your number which is most likely on your letterbox.

“It will be the first impression most of your potential buyers will have of your property so make it a good one.”

8. Remulch your garden.

“Again, this front garden will be one of the first impressions people have of your property,” says Sara.

“Set the right tone for property with this quick and inexpensive fix.”

From the real estate styling experts, there you have 8 quick fixes to get your home sale ready. We hope you find them useful and would love to know any other quick fixes you have – post them in the comments below!

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