Lighting is one of the most overlooked aspects of design. Yet it can have the greatest impact. Because we love giving spaces an architectural feel or setting a mood with lighting, we offer leading advice and best light fixtures for your home.

In this section, you’ll find lighting design tips by an Illumination Scientist. He is highly qualified on the topic and offers practical design tips to create a considered lighting plan for your home.

Also, you’ll find interviews with industrial designers and local makers to share their story and craftsmanship. Or simply to discover their beautiful hand-crafted light fixtures.

We cover a broad range of light styles, from coastal to contemporary. And at a range of price points so you’re sure to find something to love.

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Most popular lighting articles

One of our most popular articles is what height to hang pendant lights. A reader requested this article and we were happy to help! It is continually updated to include the latest and best illumination advice.

A cornerstone article is how to design a lighting plan for your home. Our expert delves into the 3 types of light and how you should consider each level of lighting to create a functional and beautiful lighting plan.

Of course, a great lighting plan also requires beautiful light fixtures. So we feature the best lights that won’t break the bank. And you’ll also find interesting light designs by local artisans.

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