Home DIYs Add a splash of colour to your outdoors with painted pots

Add a splash of colour to your outdoors with painted pots

Add a splash of colour to your outdoors with painted pots

Painting pot plants in various colours and patterns has got to be the easiest and most affordable way to add a splash of colour to your outdoors. And, best of all, you can have fun with different looks because if you change your mind down the track, it’s as easy as repainting them to give them a whole new look!

We decided to give our tired terracotta pots a makeover and will show you five different looks that you can try at home.

Items you will need:

  • Pots (mix up sizes and shapes for interest)
  • Undercoat paint (we used Haymes Ultracover)
  • Paint (we used Minimalist 2, Copper, Black Pitch, Sugared Peach and Erie from Haymes)
  • Paint brushes (medium and fine)
  • Skewer
  • Small plastic cup
  • Small piece of cardboard
Drab looking pot plants before being painted
Drab looking pot plants before being painted

Peach and stripe pot plant

How sweet is this pot plant in Sugared Peach?! We wanted to do a fresh take on the dip-dyed look and added small black dashes to the coloured area by dipping a skewer in Black Pitch paint and drawing short downwards lines.

This look is ideal for succulents and cactus and you could use any pop of colour!

Dip dyed pot with dashes
Use a skewer to make line patterns on pot

Marble look pot plant

We have a serious addiction to all things marble… trouble is, it costs a fortune! Using a nifty trick with cardboard and black paint, we created this marble look pot plant.

Simply paint your pot plant white (we used Minimalist 2) and while the second coat of paint is still wet, dip the edge of a small piece of cardboard in black paint and add irregular scrapes across the pot. Finish by adding a watered down coat of white to soften the look.

How to make marble look pot plant
Use a piece of cardboard to create irregular patterns
Progress shot of our marble look pot plant
Progress shot of our marble look pot plant

Sorbet petal pot plant

Sorbet tones are so hot this Spring! Using our Erie colour, we painted two petal (or scallop) shapes around our pot plant. This style looks great when one petal is larger than the other so feel free to make them different sizes.

See the finished look below, it’s the middle pot plant with yellow flowers.

Copper spot pot plant

Copper continues to trend this Spring and for good reason, it’s just so darn pretty! Using a clever little trick of dipping a small plastic cup into copper paint and pressing it onto the pot gives us an outline we can paint in with copper paint.

We love this copper paint from Haymes with real copper because it sparkles just like the gorgeous metal!

How to paint spots on pot
Use a small plastic cup to make circle outlines

Black stripe pot plant

You don’t have to start from a white base to create a colourful pot plant — black can really make your colours pop! Adding a simple stripe of copper and Erie paint, we created this stylish black pot (second from the left below).

What do you think of our five pot plant looks? Will you try any at home? Tell us in the comments below!

Painted pot plants

Cluster of pot plants

Painted pots



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