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7 of the best winter scent candles: Candles to make you feel cosy!

Candle burning season is here! Often when styling, people focus on what they can see but our other senses are just important. Scent is a biggie ā€” when done right, it can make us feel uplifted, secure or calm. In these cooler months, embrace a wintery candle that makes you feel cosy. This is our round up of the best winter scent candles!

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1.  Teak and neroli by Fazeek $69

Stylish and smelling divine, this candles has a deeply exotic blend of blonde-wood and honeyed spices. Hand poured in Melbourne and made of 100% soy wax, we won’t lie, one of our favourite aspects of this candle is the dazzling shadows it casts from the striking handmade ripple glass canister.

Shop the teak and neroli candle here

Fazeek ripple candle

2. Amber, teak and moss by The Little Flame Co $59.95

We often talk about ‘shop small’ and one of our fave local candle makers is Cheyenne of The Little Flame Co. She still pours all the candles herself using only the best products, like 100% natural soy wax, and has a huge range of divine fragrances to choose from but here’s her pick for the season.

My winter go-to this year would be “Amber, Teak and Moss”. Amber has this silky smoothness to it, and heaviness which when its cold, creates a sense of warmth and luxury, teak is the wood notes, and moss that earthiness. 

Shop the amber, teak and moss candle here

Amber teak candle

3. Tonic of gin candle by Lumira $80.00

For those of you who love floral candles all year round, this collaboration between Distillery Botanica Gin and Lumira is our top pick! Still refreshing with homage to the floral notes of gin but grounded with spiced aromas too. The entire Lumira range is elegant and worth adding to cart!

Shop the tonic of gin candle online here

Tonic of gin candle

4. Cedarwood and patchouli by Maison Blanche from $21.00

Making our fave candles list for over 5 years now is Maison & Blanche because they never disappoint! You really can’t go wrong with any of their fragrances but in the cooler months, the unique blend of 010 Cedarwood & Patchouli is divine. It’s infused with earthy notes of sandalwood, cedarwood, vanilla, musk and wild patchouli to deliver a warm and welcoming scent.

Shop the cedarwood and patchouli candle here

Maison Blanche candle

5. Clary sage candle by Black Blaze $55.00

If we’re being honest, absolutely every product from Black Blaze is on our wish list, ha ha. From cool curved candles to swoon-worthy homewares, this brand has the most curated range of beautiful products for the home. But we digress. From their candle range, our top pick is clary sage for the instant comforting feel it evokes.

Shop the clary sage candle online here

Clary sage candle

6. Bush herbs, clary sage and patchouli candle by Loobylou $49.95

Another SC fave that had to make our list of the best winter scent candles is Loobylou. We adore every product Kere makes (currently obsessed with her recent Moon survival range) but for winter, our go-to is this bush herbs, clary sage and patchouli candle. It delivers notes of eucalyptus and wild rosemary, with the murky sultry tones of patchouli and clean, sharp smell of clary sage.

Shop the bush herbs, clary sage and patchouli candle online

Bush herbs candle

7. Wood sage and sea salt candle by Hutwoods $69.65

The soft crackling of wood wick candles creates such a cosy ambience and this wood sage and sea salt fragrance is one we recently tried and tested. Can confirm, it’s heavenly! This is the candle to get if you want subtle earthy notes. Also, added bonuses, not only is this vessel reusable but it comes with a seeded herb paper that you can plant to grow your own herb garden!

Shop the wood sage and sea salt candle here

Hutswood candle
Love the dark metal vessel of this Hutwoods candle which you can reuse around the home

Which of these candles will you embrace in your home this season? If you know of any other candles that should make our round up of the best winter scent candles, tell us in the comments below!

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Disclaimer: This post was first published in May 2021 and continues to be updated with our latest top candle picks for winter. It contains some affiliate links. This means that when you click on a link and purchase something from that site, we may make a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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