The Block Triple Threat: Week 1 first bedroom room reveals

The Block Triple Threat has officially started and Week 1 is bedroom room reveals.

The judges had a difficult job, needing to decide:

1. Which of the three new couples would win and take out the $10,000 prize, and
2. Which ‘All star’ (aka ‘Block star’) couple would win and secure a place on The Block Triple Threat

… so we’ve broken this post up into a Part 1 and Part 2 πŸ™‚

Let’s get into it!

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Part 1 β€” Judging 3 new couples

In all Block series we think this was the harshest judging everrrrrr! Seriously, the newbies got ripped to shreds!

Ayden and Jess

Coming in at first place at 21 1/2 out of 30 was Jess and Ayden. They struggled to get things going this week and by the end, exhaustion and frustration set in big time.

We’re glad they won out of the three new Block couples, finding their room had the best use of layers, colour, scale and like the judges said ‘personality’.

Stand out features included the heritage-feeling wardrobe doors, painted exposed brick wall, and woven wool texture of the bed head.

Despite the positives, the judges said the room isn’t perfect. Darren counted nine cushions on the bed which he says are too many (in some previous Block episodes he has said you never need more than five but we have seen couples let off for having seven πŸ˜‰ ), they liked the curtains but would have liked to see the hardware hidden behind a recess or pelmut, and they thought the flooring looked inexpensive and do not want to see any more of it! Oh, and they also felt the room had too many layers, saying it has gone 10% too far and needed to be reined in.

Overall we’re big fans of the room and it’s great to see Ayden and Jess starting to find their style groove.

Ayden and Jess bedroom
Ayden and Jess bedroom

Josh and Charlotte

Speaking of style groove, a couple who took a few steps backwards were Charlotte and Josh (21 out of 30)!

We really liked many of their choices but they weren’t right for the small room. And some of their choices were just ugly or as Darren calls it ‘mean’.

Despite spending up big at Coco Republic and selecting some of the hottest pieces right now, Charlotte and Josh failed to impress the judges who felt the room lacked sophistication and was too full of stuff.

They got points for their wall finishes, simple linen and flooring but that was were the compliments stopped and the real scathing began…

The feature that got the judges most upset was probably the glass wardrobe doors which Darren said belong in ‘year 2000 kitchens’ and doesn’t want to see it continue. Darren also made a very non-PC comment about the window dressings, basically that they had no place in a luxe apartment but good thing these are only temporary.

Neale also said the artwork was jarring in this room, feeling ‘too young and poppy’ against the luxe furniture, and clashing against the softness of the rug and other neutral colours in the space.

Ever since Bbony and Luke got booted, we thought we’d make these guys our new fav couple but after seeing this room we might hold off on that announcement.

Josh and Charlotte bedroom
Josh and Charlotte bedside styling

Tim and Anastasia

Tim and Anastasia made the judges enter the room in total darkness to show off the automated window blinds and lighting in the room. They thought this would be a wow feature but the judges said at this price point it’s almost expected…

And when there was light, the first thing they saw was a stuffed toy cat on the window sill. Ummmm to say there were not impressed is an understatement β€” ‘Come on, seriously!? Have they gone for kids room?’ asked one of the judges.

Then Neale came out with a beauty and said ‘I feel like I’ve seen everything in this room many many times before’. Yes, yes you have Neale. He also said ‘if they delivered this during the elimination, they would not be on the Block’.

We lost track of the amount of super harsh lines the judges continued to come up with to describe the room ‘it looks like it was styled from some sort of coastal store’, ‘it feels generic’, ‘not appropriate for this area and this price’, ‘trying to be all things to all people and ends up being a room that’s nothing to no one’… Yeah it was pretty super harsh.

Scoring just 18 1/2 out of 30, we hope Tim and Anastasia heard the real critique from the judges which is to find your own personality and take some risks to make the apartment feel unique and luxe.

Tim and Anastasia bedroom
Tim and Anastasia bed

Part 2 β€” Deciding ‘All star’ winner

Then the show stepped into a whole other level β€” welcome to the All stars.

Darren and Dea

At 27 1/2 out of 30, Darren and Dea finished in top spot and secured their position on The Block Triple Threat. Welcome to the fourth couple staying on to complete the series.

While we’ve always loved Dea’s style, the sentiment on social media is anything but positive about this verdict. Some people saying it was rigged and if they [the television producers] wanted Darren and Dea from the start that they shouldn’t have brought back the other All stars and just given them a spot. We’ll keep the drama to the side and just talk about the rooms shall we?

The judges were blown away when they stepped into the space saying it feels sophisticated without trying too hard. Neale described it well when he said the room feels ‘seamless’.

Dea certainly has a good eye and we love the romantic colour palette, sophisticated styling and overall feeling of beauty that she brings to interiors.

Darren was immediately taken to the seagrass wallpaper and said it’s ‘one of his favourite things in all of existence’!

With a completely different commentary to Tim and Anastasia’s room, Darren and Dea got nothing but glowing praise ‘it’s completely appropriate for South Yarra’, ‘feels like a cosy little haven’, ‘you could carry this style through the whole apartment without any fear’, ‘shows luxury is not so much about bling as it is colour and restraint’…

Personally we would have loved to see what Bec and George would have brought to the competition if they were the winning all star couple but we won’t complain seeing Dea work her magic for another season.

Darren and Dee bedroom
Darren and Dee bed
Darren and Dee ceramic pendant lights bedroom room reveals
Darren and Dee

Bec and George

It was easy to see that Bec and George wanted a place on The Block Triple Threat more than any other All star couple, and they pulled out all the stops to make it happen… unfortunately they tied in second place just one point behind Darren and Dea at 26 1/2 out of 30.

We absolutely loved the artwork and given the small room size thought it was a clever move to recess it into the wall. Those bronzed mirror panels also got a big tick from us as did that ah-mazing pot plant with real gold speckled through. The thing that impressed us the most was their decision to get all the furniture custom made β€” showing they appreciate design, understand what high end means and are willing to take risks.

The judges said only wonderful things about the room ‘there’s simply no comparison with the other [the new couples] rooms’, ‘reinforces that great ideas cost no more’, ‘room says experience’, ‘balance of layers and textures work together superbly’, ‘warmth of colours, timber and lights’ and ‘feels like it’s been done by a team with many years design experience’.

This room shows just how much Bec and George have grown since The Block Sky High. We wish them every success with their new opportunities including being ambassadors for Nostra Homes and Adairs.

Bec and George bedroom room reveals
We love that custom grey concrete pot in Bec and George’s bedroom room reveals
Bec and george bed styling
Bec and George artwork

Matt and Kim

Huge points to Matt and Kim for taking a risk and trying something we’ve never seen on The Block before!

So many people on social media are saying this is the couple that should have won. While it isn’t our personal style, we’ve got to say it’s pretty darn amazing.

Matt played to his strengths as a plasterer and delivered a New York style room that’s elegant and romantic. The judges said it was ‘a nice assault on the senses’ and that if ‘feels like a jewellery box’.

We are big fans of their choices like the Maroccan style rug, vintage French lamp and wall lights. That open wardrobe is also divine as is that bed styling β€” fab work Kim!

The judges always say they are looking for something different and called this room ‘stunningly different’ so we were a little shocked they didn’t win. They did comment that this style could turn some buyers away but heck wouldn’t it have also really attracted other buyers?! As the judges said, the room feels like ‘real luxury that’s rich and silky and amazing’ compared to the new contestants’ rooms that ‘feel like white bread’.

Matt and Kim bedroom room reveals
Matt and Kim’s detailed finishes in their bedroom room reveals had most people picking these guys as the winners
Matt and Kim New York room
Matt and Kim bed styling Bedroom room reveals
Matt and Kim window treatment Bedroom room reveals

What did you think of the judging of the bedroom room reveals? Do you agree? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. Hi – where are the ceramic pendant lamps from? (I can’t open the supplier list). I wonder if they are still available?

  2. Hello,

    Does anyone know where it’s possible to find that pot with gold on it from George & Bec’s room?
    I love it!

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Marle
      Yes, that pot plant was actually a table custom made by SlabsbyDesign. But Bec and George couldn’t fit it in the space so they ended up thinking outside the box and used the base as a pot plant – how cool does it look?! This Friday we’ll be publishing a feature about SlabsbyDesign πŸ™‚

      • Thanks for the information, I’m very much behind on the Block episodes.
        And thank you for the heads up! I’ll check out the article, SlabsbyDesign really peaked my interest.

  3. We love wallpaper! We professionally hang wallpaper so we have a real passion for it. It definitely adds the “wow factor” like nothing else can. Having said that however I really thought Matt and Kim deserved to win. Their style has really matured and it would have been great to see what they would have come up with throughout the series.
    And what about the controversy with Anastacia now choosing to also use grasscloth wallpaper?

    • Ahhhh don’t even go there, ha ha. In all Block history we don’t think we’ve ever seen two rooms from different contestants look so similar dot dot dot πŸ˜‰

  4. For me it was a clear win by Matt and Kim. Their room is gorgeous and so different to anything we’ve seen before. I really wish they had won because I’d love to see more of what they can do

    • Totally agree with you Anne! It would have been great to see more from Matt and Kim. That New York-inspired style is one we’ve never seen on the Block before or at least never executed that well!

  5. I thought the show was rigged to get the DD’s back on after the outcry from Dea when they didn’t win much from the Glass House. I started to watch the first night with the DD’s on the show, but I am sorry I will not watch the Block anymore this season. Dea is outspoken, rude a sensation grabber and a lot more I would rather not say. She is ruining this show which I have loved watching from its onset.

    • Sorry to hear that Barbara but we know you’re not alone – lots of people on social media are also saying they will boycott the show for the same reasons πŸ™

      At least you can check in here every Monday to enjoy all the room reveals πŸ˜‰

  6. Matt and Kim definitely the clear winners of the All Stars. Bec and George a little unresolved so fair they didn’t win. I can see shy the uproar about Dee and Daz.. 2nd for sure but not winners. Shame The Block has bought into other reality TV hype and promote the bitchy!! Not at all aligned to the down to earth Scott and Shelley!

    PS. where dod Matt and Kim get that divine bedroom mirror?

    • Hi Suzi

      Your comment certainly echoes what people are saying on social media about the verdict! Even though as we said Matt and Kim’s style is so different to our own, we can appreciate what they achieved and have to agree that they should have been awarded the winning spot.

      We wonder if the show has changed producer this season because the show has a very different production style to previous seasons…

      That mirror was so beautiful wasn’t it?! We’ll try and track down the answer and get back to you πŸ™‚


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