Product review: briiv air filter — creating a healthy home without the environmental impact

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As we’re (still!) spending more time at home than ever before, we’re becoming acutely aware how important it is to create a happy, healthy home. 

Using an air filter is a popular way to create a healthy home environment. Problem is… they’re usually an eye-sore! Until now. Enter: briiv — a new era of air. Producing clean air that reduces toxins, dust and pollution, all through the power of plants. Oh, and best of all, its stylish design acts as a décor piece in its own right. 

Keep reading for the 5 top reasons we’re swooning over this award-winning air filter.

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Stylish air filter
The award winning briiv air filter looks more like a terrarium than an air filter

1 briiv = 3,043 house plants

Ok, we feel like that needs to be said again. This little machine is like having over 3,000 plants in your home! Mind… blown!

Sometimes we feel like we already have that many plants at our place, but all jokes aside, how incredible is that?! Plus, this one doesn’t need watering and can pretty much take care of itself.

And as if that isn’t enough, the briiv team have committed to planting one tree for every product sold. Love it. 

Its stylish design

If we’re being honest, the main reason we haven’t bought an air filter is… well… they’re an eyesore. 

Not anymore! briiv is like no air filter we’ve ever seen. Described by Wired as ‘beautifully different’, the briiv resembles a terrarium more than an air filter. 

Featuring a matte black base and glass top that is filled with lush green moss, it has a modern, unisex design that would blend seamlessly into any home. Place it alongside plants to create those urban jungle vibes or use it as a standalone décor piece.

Putting the briiv air filter together
Cool green moss air filter

Convenience using smart technology

Like any good electrical device these days, the briiv air filter comes with smart technology. Use the briiv app to conveniently control your filter from the palm of your hand. We love the scheduling capability, allowing you to set it and forget it. Use this function to schedule on what days, and at what times to run your briiv, and at what speed. Set it once and this clever device will take care of the rest. You can even integrate it with your existing smart home device.

Should you run into any issues, it’s reassuring to know there’s a dedicated technical support team to help. 

It’s also a low power machine which means it has a low running cost. This makes it one of the most effective money-saving air filters around.

Briiv smart app

Sustainably designed and manufactured

The problem with most air filters on the market is that to keep up their efficiency, you need to change the filter every 6 months or so. Standard air filters cannot be recycled and take over 1,000 years to decompose. This can amount to a pretty significant environmental issue.

What makes the briiv air filter different is it’s made from 90% natural materials. The filters are fully biodegradable being made from moss, coconut, carbon and silk to filter the air.

Boasting the most sustainable filter on the planet, once you’re done with the filter, simply pop it into your garden or compost. And let it become part of the earth once again. It has well and truly been designed to return to the earth. Now that’s what we call a circular design process!

Air filter in home office

High performance air filtration

Of course, the most important reason why we love the briiv is that it does its job — and better than most! 

The briiv air filter can remove harmful partials from your home including:

  • PM10: pollen allergens
  • PM5.0: bacteria, mould spores
  • PM3.0: harmful fine particulate
  • VOCs: harmful gasses.

Within an hour of running, it improves the air quality of a room. So, whether you’ve cooked dinner, played with your pet or have just cleaned your home, running the briiv will work to rid these pollutants from your home — naturally.

Improved air quality can help improve sleep, energy levels and cognitive function.

As you can tell, we’re super impressed with the briiv air filter. It works quickly and efficiently to purify the air, creating a healthier, happier home environment. 

All in all, the briiv air filter is not your average home appliance. Its carefully considered technology and design go hand-in-hand to create an environmentally-friendly product that’s still beautifully designed. 

To find out more about the briiv air filter, including videos showing just how effective this innovative machine is, visit the briiv website.

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