Home FEATURED Dreamy pink girl’s bedroom: Take a tour of Amelia’s big girl room revamp with floral pink wallpaper and neon light

Dreamy pink girl’s bedroom: Take a tour of Amelia’s big girl room revamp with floral pink wallpaper and neon light

Dreamy pink girl’s bedroom: Take a tour of Amelia’s big girl room revamp with floral pink wallpaper and neon light

After blowing us away with this dreamy coastal boho kitchen, we couldn’t wait to see what else Stephanie Varacalli (@_stephanievara on Instagram) had in store. One of her latest room revamps is for three-year-old daughter Amelia. Featuring gorgeous floral wallpaper, pink bed styling and butterflies throughout, it’s a sweet and magical space that has us yearning to be a child again!

Keep on reading for our chat with Stephanie, where she shares all the details of this dreamy pink girl’s bedroom design.

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pink girls bedroom with white metal frame bed

As the second big girl room makeover for Amelia, Stephanie incorporated more personality into this latest room.

“This was Amelia’s second big girl room. I love restyling and felt her first room didn’t really reflect her style or personality. While we kept all her furniture, we changed the decor, bedding and wallpaper.

“I wanted to create a space that is fun while feminine, without an overly pink look. Amelia is very sassy. She loves mermaids and butterflies, so I created a mermaid-styled room.

“Now I would say this room definitely has a minimalist boho vibe, although, there is a dreamy sense of fun and playfulness.”

dream pink girl's bedroom _ metal bed frame
pink girls bedroom with neon light

Creating a kids bedroom can be a great deal of fun, but it helps to go about it in a strategic way.

“After choosing the statement piece, I suggest creating a mood board. A mood board is a great way to visualise different colours and textures and how they go together.

“In this case, the statement piece is the wallpaper. As we saved on keeping the same furniture, we didn’t mind splurging on the wallpaper. Amelia is also obsessed with flowers so it was easy choosing a wallpaper for her. Now the wallpaper is Amelia’s favourite part of her room.

“It’s also my absolute favourite space! I have so much fun creating magic and Amelia does a good job at turning it upside down,” laughs Stephanie.

Dreamy pink girl's bedroom _ white chest of drawers
pink girls bedroom with mosquito net

We asked Stephanie if she had some advice to help other parents design their kids room, and she was more than happy to share.

“I would recommend getting inspired by a colour palette. This creates a great base to work off both design and style wise.

“Play around with different patterns and textures. You’ll get it wrong a few times but when it works, you can create something truly magical.

“I also recommend look at and supporting small businesses. Most of the elements from this room are from small businesses and they came together so well!”

Maree wall mural — Minnie And Me Interiors 
Mermaid — Peony Pixies
Magnolia botanical garden canopy and champagne bow cushion — Spinkie
Butterfly wall decals and blossom crushed velvet cushion — Little Custom Creations 
LED neon name — Letterly
Dusty mint knitted shell — Jaye and Co
Mustard shell cushion — Peppermint Tree Creations 
Butterfly vanity and sweetheart mirror — Juni Moon
Mermaid monogram art name print — Paper Lee

Thank you Stephanie for showing us around this dreamy pink girl’s bedroom! To see more from Stephanie, you can follow her and all her future projects on her Instagram.

If you loved Amelia’s room, we’ll be featuring her son Anthony’s bedroom soon so keep an eye out! Until then, let us know what you think about this girl’s bedroom in the comment section! Do you like the colour palette? What’s your favourite part? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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Dreamy pink girl's bedroom _ with mosquito net


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