How to declutter your workspace… and boost productivity!

I recently decluttered my workspace and feel SO. MUCH. BETTER!

Not only do I prefer being in a tidy work environment, I swear it helps with productive too so today I’m sharing my tips to declutter your workspace!

I was inspired to write this article as part of #itsmyspace campaign being run by Hubble, a London startup helping small and medium businesses find their perfect office space. They’re asking what it is about your workspace that you love and for me, it’s definitely a ‘decluttered workspace, decluttered mind’ and loving that the space reflects my minimalist but feminine aesthetic.

Clear your workspace

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start decluttering when you’re looking at a mountain of stuff!

So a trick I like to use is to strip away everything and start from a clean base. Then you can start putting back items in a logical way, starting with most essential to least.

And don’t simply try and put everything back but just more neatly… decluttering is an opportunity to assess what you need or can dispose of or donate.

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Organise paperwork

Speaking of things you can dispose of — when was the last time you sorted through all of your paperwork?

Important information like receipts could be scanned and kept electronically on external hard drives (always make a back up!), while older papers that are no longer needed could be shredded and recycled.

A few simple storage pieces like magazine holders or filing cabinets can also help to maximise space and make it easier to find papers when you need them.

Good lighting

This obviously isn’t a decluttering tip but it is essential for a productive workspace — lighting!

A table lamp or pendant light over your desk, and general good lighting in your office space will help you work and reduce eye strain. You might like to check out these lights we love for shopping inspiration.

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Sort cables

Most of us have cables in our workspace that we don’t even know what they’re for anymore!

Old phone chargers, adapters for previous laptops or old camera cables are just some of the most typical kinds you’ll find.

While it can be confusing and frustrating, taking the time to sort through your cables and label what they are for (while getting rid of ones you no longer need) will save you so much time in the future. I just love this little trick to label them!

How to organise cables
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Organise stationery

Stationery can quickly take over a workspace but a few pieces like tumblers to hold pens and mini baskets for bulldog clips and other smaller pieces can help to keep your desk tidy — and they make stylish decor items in their own right.

If you’re holding onto pens that don’t really work or scissors that are too blunt to cut anything, you know what to do! Stop holding onto things just for the sake of it.

Also, how much stationery do you really need on your desk? Perhaps you could organise them into essential items that can stay on the desk and other bits you rarely use that could be put in a cupboard or storage area close by.

A ‘go to’ notebook

Are you guilty of having a million scraps of paper or post it notes on your desk of important information or things to do?

Having one dedicated notepad on your desk, or an electronic one on your computer like Trello, will avoid a build up of scrap papers in future and help you to stay on top of your work.

How to declutter your workspace

Create meaningful folders

I mentioned earlier that sorting paper work is a must and one way of staying on top of it in future is to create meaningful folders.

A folder for bills, another for meeting notes and so on, as well as a box where you can hold current receipts, will mean you’re more likely to put paperwork in the ‘right’ spot (aka no more mounds of paperwork) and reduce time when you’re looking for papers in future.

Organise drawers

Whether they’re in your desk or a cupboard, contents of drawers are often ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

If you find yourself rummaging through drawers to find things or don’t even know what’s in them anymore, take the time to declutter, sort and organise. Drawer liners, smaller storage boxes and even just using bulldog clips to group like information together are good ideas for here.

I hoped you enjoyed this little peek into my workspace and tips for decluttering your workspace to boost productivity.

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