Internal brick wall before and after: 80s brown to on-trend grey

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If you follow along on Instagram and watch my stories, you’d know we’re kicking off a renovation series at Bonnie’s new home.

Bonnie is one of the main ladies behind the scenes of Style Curator, so we’re excited to help her turn her original 80s townhouse into a modern, light and airy home.

First on the list of jobs to tackle was painting her internal brick wall. It’s the first thing you see as you enter — running from the kitchen through the dining to outdoors — and the brown brick was making the space feel small, dark and dated.

We love the texture of the brick and didn’t want to lose that so we decided to try one of the new Monsta colour wash paints on this wall. Colour washes are different to traditional paints in that they don’t have a heavy, opaque base — essentially they just tint what you’re painting without masking any of the beautiful brick texture.

Check out this quick video to see the before and after transformation.

The ‘Grey Monsta Colour Wash’ paint we used has completely transformed this wall — turning it from 80s drab into modern and fab!

We’ve achieved a beautiful mid-dark grey colour that’s so fitting with the new direction we’re going to take Bonnie’s townhouse.

Stay tuned to see how we transform this space even more as a new kitchen and flooring will be installed over the coming months.


– Prep brick walls for painting by using a scrubbing brush and sugar soap in warm water. So much debris came off this wall and we discovered blu tack and other things that needed to be removed that weren’t visible

– Use painter’s tape and drop sheets to protect adjoining walls and the floor

– Use a paintbrush rather than a roller or spray gun. It might take a little longer to apply but you’ll get a better, more consistent finish

– Be prepared to use a lot of paint. Depending on the type of brick you’re painting (and whether or not it’s been painted before), you may need up to twice the recommended paint quantity. Bonnie’s bricks are incredibly textured and the concrete mortar was particularly porous. We used 8L of wash paint to apply two coats to this wall of around 24m2

If you’d like to try the Monsta colour wash paints — there are 8 colours to choose from — don’t forget to use code word ‘Monstaweekend’ at checkout to score $20 off!

See the colour range on the Monsta website here.


  1. I always believed every material can be used and reused, it’s just important to find a new, creative way to do that. Painting brick walls is a great way to loose the orange but keep the texture. And isn’t grey the perfect color for interior walls?

    • Thanks lovelies! We’re so happy with how this wall has turned out. Very soon the new kitchen and flooring will be going in too and we can’t wait to reveal more of the reno soon 🙂

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