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For endless paint ideas and inspiration blog post, articles, videos and image galleries, be sure to check out everything we have on Style Curator.

There are articles galore, such as colour and emotion: how to select colour for the mood you want to achieve in your home. We share a round up of the hottest homewares in Pantone’s Colour of the Year and how to embrace the colour.

Need paint advice? We’ve got it! How to kill ugly wall paint: expert tips to cover strong paint colours. Check out this article on Interior designers share their expert tips on how to add colour to a Victorian style home.

Want to try something a bit different? Go bold and get inspired with black walls. How to select white paint: Tips on getting the right white paint. How to select paint colours to make a room feel larger.

Or perhaps you love the idea of a pop of colour, without going TOO OTT! Take a read of this article. 25 fabulous front doors: Get inspired to create a statement entry of your own.

We have upcycle and DIY paint projects to inspire. Kmart hacks and furniture bargain buys you can make your own. We also love bringing you before and after projects showing what a difference paint can make.

For tips on how to paint like a pro, to Gina’s number ONE painting tip. She shares how to get a perfect paint finish every time. Style Curator has endless paint ideas and inspiration blog posts.

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