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Come along as we show you a full home makeover room by room. Get all the before and after pics, progress updates and budget-friendly renovation tips as we bring you our Bonnie renovation series.

In our Bonnie renovation, her original 80s townhouse was crying out for a refresh. And while we were at it, we thought we’d also totally gut and replace several zones. These just weren’t functional or had excessive damage.

We renovated her front courtyard, taking it from dark and dingy with no street appeal, to fresh, bright and inviting.

We took on the kitchen too. The original kitchen was teeny tiny, all brown and had zero storage (including no pantry). We ripped it out and designed a large new kitchen with IKEA that opens the space and is ideal for entertaining.

The original dining and living space felt so dated so we brought it back to life. Once we’d finished with it, the space felt cohesive and larger. Despite actually being smaller, as we stole some dining space for the kitchen!

To keep our Bonnie renovation on budget, we made minor cosmetic changes in the bedrooms. A majority of time and budget was spent in the bathroom and what a bathroom makeover it was!

The final zone we tackled was Bonnie’s back yard. Repainting the exterior, adding a large and low-maintenance deck. We added a new fence and landscaping. These changes turned the space from unsightly to one you want to enjoy all year round!

Find each and every room from our Bonnie renovation series on the Style Curator blog now.

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