Kmart hack: Beehive hexagon vertical garden

I’ve been looking for a stylish vertical garden for months and months, so of course I was thrilled when I found one I loved… until I saw it was priced well over a thousand dollars! With all the expenses of a new build, I simply couldn’t justify this on top so it was time to get creative with this hexagon vertical garden hack!

Out shopping at Kmart one day, I spotted a black wire hexagon wall hanging/shelf and that’s when I got the idea to combine a cluster of these into a beehive shape. This tutorial is so easy, it hardly needs instructions but just to be thorough, here they are.

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Items you will need:


1. Join the wire pot holders together in your preferred design using the plastic coated wire and pliers. You could also use black cable ties and trim the excess length.

Tie planters together

2. Place your finished beehive planter against the wall and mark where you will drill the holes. To avoid damaging the bricks, we only marked in the mortar.

Mark hanging

3. Pre-drill the holes and then use concrete screws to fix the planter in place.

Pre-drill holes
Drill into place

4. Fill the geo planters with plants — you could use succulents, ferns or any type of plant you like — and place the pots in the hexagon pockets. Voila, you’re done!

For now, I’ve just planted the same hardy succulent in all the geo planters.

The goal is to find larger, possibly rectangular pots, that can fit along the full base of each wire shelf so I can fill the piece with loads more plants. I like the idea of Jasmine growing and climbing its way up through all the hex planters.

I’m super happy with this quick, easy and inexpensive Kmart hack to create an outdoor hexagon vertical garden — it’s definitely added interest to my outdoor space.

Kmart Hack wall hanging
Hexagon vertical garden

What are your thoughts on this Kmart hexagon vertical garden DIY? Are you going to give it a go? Would you change anything about it? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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    1. Hi Gina! I really want to make this but can’t find metal pot holders like that anywhere! The only ones I can find are pretty expensive! Do you think its possible to make this out of wire from a craft store?

      • Hi Mallory, thanks for your question. I don’t think it’s possible to make it from wire alone though… especially if you plan on using it outside as craft wire will most likely rust. Even if you are displaying it inside, I think the weight of the pots will bend craft wire. Perhaps you could adapt this hex stand from Target though?? Perhaps creating a cluster of these and adding some supporting wire would work? Hope this helps 🙂

    2. Love this idea and the way you’ve configured the hexagons.
      Just a couple of things I might have done differently (and I can only speculate as this product is no longer available at Kmart for me to try):
      1. I would use black plastic cable ties to join the hexagons- much quicker and no fiddling around with pliers.
      2. I would add another horizontal wire rung to the front (maybe even two tiers) in line with the grid patterns already there. I would have used some leftover sturdy wire I have (painted matt black to match the rest) or an old plastic coated wire hanger. These could be glue-gunned onto the front of the hexagons or, with a little more difficulty, wrap the wire around the connecting rungs. This then would have resulted in a deeper area with which I would….
      3. Line the recessed area with black flexible fly screen. I’d then fill it will soil and plant out the whole of the bottom part. You could then even cut some holes in the front between the wire to poke some hardy hanging succulents into so the front and upper area is filled with plant life. (Fly screen is great for gardening, by the way. It allows the soil to drain but doesn’t let anything drop through. And, it’s really hardy. I often line pots with it to stop soil falling through.)
      4. I’m not sure what you’re planning, but I’d definitely put the whole thing a bit lower on the wall. For me (being shortish) I want to reach up to the top level easily. I like things like picture and televisions at eye-level (especially when sitting nearby)- somehow it looks more balanced.
      But you do whatever you want! It’s your place. Hope I’m not putting in my two-cents worth where it’s not wanted. Just thought I’d contribute a few ideas if anyone is thinking of trying a similar wall planter feature.
      cheerio, Lou

      • Hi Louise, thank you for your genius ideas! I’ve since used black cable ties on another project and you’re right, it would have been quicker and easier. And the idea to enclose the hexagons and plant them is so clever, I think I’m going to do it! The reason they are a bit higher is because I was planning for a bar to go out here but now I’m thinking bench seating with a planter box behind the seating to add even more greenery out here. Thanks again 🙂

      • He he, gotta love Kmart! I’ve also added some of their solar outdoor lights along the top which adds gorgeous lighting at night 🙂


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