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The fun and feminine pink art from LeaColorShapes

There’s no doubt that pink art is a whole lot of fun. And fun is exactly what you get from today’s feature artist, Léa Gadenne from LeaColorShapes.

Vibrant colours (with a heavy focus on pink, of course) and minimalist, graphic designs. Come and discover the art from this talented Parisian artist.

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Léa Gadenne artist behind LeaColorShapes holding artwork
Léa Gadenne, the artist behind LeaColorShapes
Calpe pink illustration building artwork from Lea Color Shapes

Growing up near Disneyland Paris, it seems Léa was destined for the creative life.

“The world where I grew up has always stimulated my artistic side,” Léa says with a smile.

“Living on the outskirts of Disneyland Paris made me want to create my own universe! I’m passionate about architecture, shapes and colour. And I think that shows in my work.

“I have always loved drawing, ever since I was a little girl. I took lessons when I was younger, but I am mostly self-taught.

“When Covid happened, it re-awoke my artistic side. I would almost say that finding my style and finding art was thanks to the global pandemic.”

Miami Beach artwork by Léa Gadenne from LeaColorShapes
Pink hot air balloon artwork from LeaColorShapes

Léa’s art has a distinctly illustrative feel to it.

“I’d describe my style as minimalist. I draw what I see in fairly simple, distinctive shapes with a mix of bright and pastel colours.

“I don’t really know what inspired my style, but I try to mix it up often. There’s a bit of everything in what I draw. I like to arrive at my own style and differentiate myself from other artists,” says Léa.

“My passion for art really took off during the pandemic. I was bored, alone in my room so I decided to paint. I showed it to my boyfriend who loved it, and told his friends about it.

“From here, I received some commissions and shared my works on social media… and now here I am today!

Léa Gadenne painting in studio
Hotel California artwork from LeaColorShapes
Star sign artwork postcards from LeaColorShapes

It was through Janolo Creative that we discovered LeaColorShapes and fell for her fun-loving pink art.

“My colour palette is PINK,” laughs Léa. “A large part of my illustration work is made up of pink, but I often mix it up with pastels or flashier colours… including fuchsia (more pink, haha!).

“To start my creative process, I first look for inspiration. Inspiration can strike me anywhere. I will often see something in the street or simply an object that inspires me.

“From here, I draw it by hand in my trusty sketchbook. Next, I’ll either paint it onto canvas or, digitise it on my tablet. Now it becomes a work of art.

“I love seeing my work in people’s houses. It makes me so happy.”

Thank you to Léa for sharing her fun pink art with us. You can find more from LeaColorShapes on her Instagram or take a peek through her Etsy store.

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Fun graphic stickers on back of laptop by LeaColorShapes
Léa Gadenne from LeaColorShapes placing art on wall
Blue building artwork from LeaColorShapes
Léa Gadenne painting in a field
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