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Minimalist abstract geometric art from Aplotica Studio

Today we’re taking you overseas to discover the fabulous minimalist abstract geometric art by Bastien Bouta. Bastien is the creative behind Aplotica Studio whose work features bold colours and graphic prints.

Come along as we chat to this talented French artist.

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Bastien Bouta from Aplotica Studio
Bastien Bouta — the creative behind Aplotica Studio
Oasis III art in kitchen by Aplotica Studio

A French artist, with a Greek studio name and inspired by Japanese culture. Bastien is the epitome of multicultural fusion.

“I’m a 26 year old artist and live in Lyon, France. Aplotica means simplicity in Greek,” Bastien explains.

“It’s the mantra that guides my creations on a daily basis and is the origin of the studio’s name. I’m easily overwhelmed mentally, so I find peace and beauty in things that are simple and uncluttered.

“I’m also passionate about Japanese culture, which is reflected in my art. Whether in the typography, the use of Japanese prints to create frame walls with my work, or in the choice of themes.”

Vintage sideboard with graphic wall art by Aplotica Studio
Pastel graphic paintings from Aplotica Studio

We first discovered Bastien’s work through Janolo Creative and were intrigued by his unique, abstract geometric paintings.

“I’ve always considered myself a creative,” smiles Bastien.

“As a child, I used to draw and write a lot of poems. I reconnected with creativity when I was 20, when I got hooked on a passion for tattooing. I started drawing all the tattoos I wanted and posted them online.

“The more it progressed, the more it became abstract art and the more it was destined to be displayed on walls rather than on skin. 

“When I’m not creating, I’m a part-time engineer in the energy renovation of buildings.” 

Teal tiled wall with blue graphic art from Aplotica Studio
Floral pink, yellow and green graphic art by Aplotica Studio
Graphic gallery wall with blue sofa and gold coffee table by Aplotica Studio

To develop his works of art, there are a few steps in the creative process.

“My pieces generally appear to me at night, during the pre-sleep phase. I’ll draw a very basic mock up on my phone and then reproduce them in more detail on the computer. After this, I’ll put them down on paper.

“Once the shapes and colours have taken shape, this is when I find I can give meaning to the works.”

Pink checked art with black silhouette by Aplotica Studio
Capture art in progress by Aplotica Studio
Abstract geometric art in progress
Blue graphic art in pink room from Aplotica Studio

Bold colours and graphic prints tend to make up Bastien’s signature look.

“For a long time, my colour palette was made up entirely of neutral colours. Sometimes these would be accompanied by pink, blue and yellow,” he tells us.

“Today, however, my palette has broadened to include new colours such as violet, orange and green, but still very pure and vivid.

“My ambitions in art have no limits. I dream big and one day, would love to have an exhibition in one of the big galleries.

“I would also really like to create some huge mural pieces. But who knows what’s next. It’s exciting!”

We can’t wait to see what’s in store for Apoltica Studio. Big thank you to Bastien for chatting with us today and sharing his abstract geometric art with us. You can discover more of his works via his Instagram page.

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Series of three graphic line drawing from Aplotica Studio
Graphic artwork pair by Aplotica Studio
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