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When we chat to an artist, we like to hear their story. What makes their art unique and their story special. An artist can be a painter or a creator like a glass blower or jewellery maker. There’s so much variety and unique art to discover on the Style Curator.

Here on the blog, you can discover an array of talented artists. From those who are taking the art scene by storm to small, up and coming makers. We discover them all to bring you the best of the best artists.

We chat to local artist, to big Australian artists, to international makers. There is so much raw, undiscovered talent out there and here at Style Curator, we want to talk to them all!

Hear from artists who have a passion for illustration. Those who are insanely talented painters. Some are craftsmen and women who hand make stunning pieces of handmade furniture and homewares. From woven wall hangings to large sculptural wall art. Graffiti art, modern art, abstract art, Aboriginal art, wall art, DIY art, illustration art, embroidery, upholstery, landscape art, ceramic art – take your pick because we’re interviewing them all!

Discover their passion and unique form as we chat to artists from across the globe. There’s something for every style with an array of talented artist interviews to read and discover on Style Curator.

The story-tellers behind these creations often have their very own incredible stories to tell. And that’s what we uncover when we chat to the many talented artists and makers that we interview on the blog.

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