Reno Rumble week 2 full house reveal

Wow! Did anyone else have to pick their jaw up off the ground during last night’s Reno Rumble ?! In terms of design ideas, styling and finishes, it was one of the top renovation reveals we’ve seen.

We celebrated that no one on the Red team got sent home last night (hooray!) and that Josh and Jenna’s blue kitchen was a hit with the judges (double hooray!). Let’s check out the rest of the houses we showed you the bedrooms of mid week.

Blue team

This team seriously impressed us this week! Not only did they make the house look ah-mazing with their modern Scandinavian renovation, they also helped it to function better by moving the narrow kitchen (and replacing it with a laundry) and opening out the living space.

Ben and Jemma

These guys have no idea about managing a budget (failing terribly at that as team captains) but they sure can pull off an impressive renovation!

That kitchen is so HOT! They transformed the dated galley kitchen with canary yellow benchtops into this open plan, traditional Scandi white kitchen but added super matt black overhead cabinets and copper pendant lights for a modern edge. The Caesarstone benchtops in ‘Frosty Carrina’ fit perfectly to soften the monochrome colour scheme.

Ben and Jemma Scandinavian kitchen

Matte black cabinets

Ben and Jemma were also tasked with the family room which also got a big tick from us. How much do you want to make a teepee in your home right now?! No, just us? He he.

Custom made cabinets

Ben and Jemma Scandinavian lounge

Carly and Leighton

Carly and Leighton wowed the judges with this fresh and Scandi living and dining area. The fireplace was a big hit and Darren loved the blush and copper accessories. Romy did wonder how practical the light rug would be with a young toddler though.

Carly and Leighton lviing room fireplace

Carly and Leighton living room

Dining room

Dining close up

Michelle and Steve

Stressed they wouldn’t be able to impress with such small spaces, Michelle and Steve just stayed in the competition this week.

The judges really liked their laundry and powder room, saying it’s ‘got soul’ and even their ‘bogan’ cool drawer in the laundry was a hit!

Darren loved the texture of the hexagon wall tiles in the powder room but Romy pointed out the lack of storage.

Michelle and Steve wall niche

Michelle and Steve powder room

Nick and Chris

Really not sure what these guys were thinking to lay some white wall tiles stack-bond and others brick-bond… it’s a #designfail that cost them the competition.

Despite that weird decision (and the wall niches which we’re not loving), the rest of the bathroom is a light and airy space that ticks a lot of boxes. We especially love that timber custom made vanity!

Nick and Chris bathroom

Shower with timber shelves

Red team

The red team worked hard to support each other this week with a game plan that if the whole house does well, no one will go home — and it worked! Their ‘Modern Vintage’ renovation was a huge success that brought the homeowners to tears.

Jess and Ayden

Jess has really found her confidence and she’s getting better each week. This living room scored a near perfect 19 1/2 out of 20 and gave Romy tingles.

We love it all, especially the warmth of the space and gorgeous century furniture!

Jess and Ayden living flows to dining

In wall timber shelves

Jess and Ayden modern vintage

Kyal and Kara

Kyal and Kara’s elegant bathroom was an immediate hit with the judges. Darren said the black details were contemporary and the embossed tiles were a great choice buutttt… then he stood in the shower which was far too low and the couple started losing points for functional oversights. We’d happily take that bathroom any day and duck to take a shower 😉

Kyal and Kara shower

Kyal and Kara bathroom

Josh and Jenna

These two just won’t stop being fabulous and we love it! They took a big risk using blue kitchen cabinets but it paid off. The judges thought it was ‘perfectly retro’ and ‘unreal’ how they paired it with those leather handles.

The kitchen has a real freshness about it and great connection to the dining area, outdoors and even the laundry with matching cabinetry. And that geometric artwork from The Artwork Stylist was another winner.

Kitchen to outdoors

Josh and Jenna kitchen and laundry

Josh and Jenna kitchen

Josh and Jenna dining styling


Shared laundry

Love the look of this laundry with blue cabinets and subway tiles but the team did lose points for not putting in a shower screen and making the toilet a bit tight.


What did you think of Reno Rumble Week 2 full house reveals? Which house would you rather live in — ‘Modern Scandinavian’ or ‘Modern Vintage’? Tell us in the comments below!


  1. Hi – do you happen to know where Carly and Leighton sourced the light from that was used in their Scandi living area?? I am looking for something similar and have had no luck so far!

  2. The red team did a great job as always but I would actually prefer to live in the blue house. It feels a lot more fresh and modern to me.

    • It’s a tough call Sarah and it seems the audience was divided on social media last night with many people agreeing with you. To be honest we love them both and really appreciate what the red team did with the house to bring out its character and balance old with new.

      The concept of Reno Rumble and designing for a real family is so fun and we can’t wait to see the brief for this week because judging by the previews it’s going to be interesting!


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