Reno Rumble week 2 bedrooms

Week 2 of Reno Rumble, TV’s newest renovation show, is blowing us away! Like last week, the Blue team and Red team will each need to renovate a house in one week.

Part 1 of the house renovations were revealed last night — brace yourself for some truly fabulous bedrooms!

Blue team

Despite a slip up from team captain Ben in organising (or lack of organising!) a floor polisher, this team really stepped up this week and only fell two points behind the Red team.

Tasked with creating a ‘Modern Scandinavian’ home, let’s see how they went…

Carly and Leighton

“Better than a magazine” said the judges and we’ve got to agree — this is one of the hottest kids bedrooms we’ve seen!

The monochrome colour palette really pops and the details in the wall decal, mix of textures and artwork give the room softness.

Carly and Leighton kids room

Carly and Leighton kids corner

Michelle and Steve

“So warm and raw at the same time,” said Romy of this gorgeous master bedroom.

The artwork over the bed and the way they picked up the colours in those drool-worthy cushions got big ticks from us.

It was also clever how they used the space and ran a desk along the side of the room.

Michelle and Steve artwork and bed

Michelle and steve master bedroom

Ben and Jemma

Last week Romy felt they missed the brief in the guest bedroom but she loved what they did with their bedroom this week! The judges were impressed with the feeling of the room — the use of timber, soft colours, and that gorgeous Armadillo & Co rug.

Only criticisms were of the wardrobe and wall lights which didn’t really fit the brief.

Scandinavian bedroom

Ben and Jemma bedroom

Chris and Nick

These guys transformed what was a dark and cramped cave into an airy and light study.

While we felt they were more on the mark with their choice of furniture this week, the room didn’t have that same wow feeling as the other couples. The top of the landing was messy and could have been a great opportunity to get some custom cabinetry made to really show what they can do.

Romy felt that statement chair was wasted in this space and should be brought out into the living room, and Darren didn’t feel the bamboo floors were on brief.

Nick and Chris study

Nick and Chris

Red team

Since Michael and Carlene left the show on Monday night, this team were at a disadvantage to finish the rooms with two fewer teammates. Of course they did amazingly to create a ‘Modern Vintage’ home…

Josh and Jenna

Seriously?! Just stop it you two! These guys are on fire and it’s great to see how far they’ve come since being Block contestants (even though they were amazing to start with!).

This dreamy bedroom WOWED us and the judges! All the details from the timber finish in the study nook to the floating timber shelves in the fire place were just perfection!

Josh and Jenna bedroom

Josh and Jenna study nook

Kyal and Kara

Something we’ve always loved about Kyal and Kara is how they can create spaces that feel lived in and warm in the most ridiculous timeframes! The two really have a knack for layering, selecting unusual pieces and combining colours in a fresh way.

Last night they scored points from the judges for creating a room that felt original and a perfect fit for the home owner. Romy thought the room was perhaps a little dark and could be fresher but we loved the moodiness it created.

Kyal and Kara bedroom

Kyal and Kara styling

Jess and Ayden

Jess and Ayden transformed this boy’s bedroom from a drab green cramped space into a spacious and cool bedroom.

Exposing the fireplace and adding detailing to the ceiling were great moves! The high bunk bed and low ceiling fan had the judges worried it could be hazardous though and we would have loved to see the space ‘filled’ a little more (but we can see they opted to put a lot of that budget towards a new guitar).

Jess and Ayden bedroom

Jess and Ayden bedroom

Shared outdoor area

Great use of green screening to give this outdoor deck some privacy. The mix of pot plants, stands and hanging planters create interest in this space and the use of white throughout brings it all together and really make the greenery pop.

Outdoor deck

Outdoor deck

What did you think of the rooms on Reno Rumble? Tell us in the comments below!


    • Hi Nadia, we’ve been searching for hours to try and track down the paint colour for you but no luck 🙁 Even going back on Carly and Leighton’s Facebook page they didn’t respond to questions about the name of the paint colour. We did manage to confirm that Dulux was the paint brand sponsoring that season of Reno Rumble though so hopefully if you contact them, they will let you know the colour name. Sorry we couldn’t be of more help! If you find out, please let us know so others can benefit. Thanks

  1. Desperately trying to source any of the products from the shared outdoor area!

    Insideout says the outdoor setting is from Loose Leaf in Collingwood, but I would love to know where the big round planters, planter stands and basket are from! Any ideas?

  2. Josh and Jenna’s room warmed my soul. Stunning and so well thought out.
    The styling on the shelves was a little mature for the client in my opinion but that as easy fix once her own items are unpacked in the room.
    Do you know where the stunning artwork was from? It blew me away!
    As much as Carly and Leighton’s room impressed me, it felt like it was straight out of a catalogue, she just shopped well.
    I felt Josh and Jenna’s room was more creative and original. The red team are amazing at thinking outside the square, because on The Block, that’s how you win rooms.

  3. A lovely selection of bedrooms! My favourite was the “dreams” room by Josh and Jenna. I think it is slightly more adult than intended, but my 8 year old daughter said she’d love to have it and so would I. I might have to get my handyman onto a bed structure.

    • That room was perfection! Lucky you having a handyman who can recreate that stunning bed 🙂 You’ll have to send us pics if you do it!


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