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At Style Curator, we’re keen to rid our homes (or at least reduce!) of chemicals and harsh, toxic cleaners. But we still want out homes to be clean, safe and disinfected. So we’ve come up with plenty of natural cleaner ideas, recipe and tips so you can reduce the toxins in your home too.

There’s our article on 3 of the best natural cleaner recipes. Including a natural all-purpose surface cleaner that’s soap based. This recipe was inspired by Gina when one of her sons was a baby. She became more concerned with the chemicals store-bought cleaners were leaving behind and the constant lingering fumes in her home. So this soap based cleaner is suitable on all surfaces but you do need to use a damp cloth (rather than just paper towel) to ensure you don’t leave any soap streaks behind.

There’s also an all-purpose surface cleaner with a vinegar base. Because of the acidic element, this cleaner is not suitable on natural stone or porous surfaces.

Next up in the starter kit to chemical-free cleaning is an effective natural floor cleaner. This recipe uses rubbing alcohol (or vodka) to help with quick drying and avoid streak marks.

There’s ideas and articles on the best way to clean your shower and glass screen – and it’s natural! The best essential oils for cleaning and our top hacks on how to use them around your home.

If you’re keen to clean naturally around your home, be sure to check out the huge array of information, articles, tips and tricks we have for you on Style Curator.

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