The Block 2021: Week 12 — Front garden and façade week

It’s front garden and façade week — our final reveal for The Block 2021! We’re always sad when the rooms are done and dusted because we love bringing you these weekly recaps. Minus the drama of course… good grief there was an excessive amount of drama this season, wouldn’t you agree?!

We’ve loved how different the houses have been this year. It’s made things much more interesting and given us loads of style and design inspiration.

It’s been pretty obvious, even way back in week 1, that Ronnie and Georgia’s House 1 has been our fave. We think Kirsty and Jesse have a pretty good shot at taking out top prize come auction day though!

But what about you? Which is your fave house? And which was your favourite room? Let’s chat in the comment section below!

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House with standing-seam Colorbond clad façade

Ronnie and Georgia

What a statement! Ronnie and Georgia have finished off House 1 with a bang. The judges loved their front garden and façade, with Darren calling it a, “Modern masterpiece.”

Featuring a standing-seam Colorbond clad façade with matching garage door it was chic, sleek and sure to appeal to potential buyers.

We really liked the statement brick wall as it gave the garden a more natural feel, contrasting with the beautiful modern façade of the home. However it’s a relatively low front fence so we’re a bit nervous about the lack of privacy thanks to that glass front door. This was something we expressed concern over during hallway week, however things may improve once those lovely hedges grow taller and fuller.

The judges praised the pair on their artfully-placed plantings and pathways. We loved that circular sculptural succulent garden and is that not the fanciest beehive you’ve ever seen?! We agree with the judges who called it a front yard to catch the eye.

Bravo Ronnie and Georgia, we will miss your impeccable style and endless design inspo!

Score: 27 / 30 (3rd place)

Brick fence in front of standing-seam Colorbond clad façade
Brick fence facade
Front facade House1 The Block 2021
Brick fence and colorbond clad house exterior
Sculptural circular succulent garden
Grass and garden bed in front garden
standing-seam Colorbond clad façade
Garden path and climbing vines

Mitch and Mark

Taking out top spot this week, Mitch and Mark finished off their beloved House 2 with a near-perfect score. After copping a bit of slack about their less than kid-friendly backyard, they made serious amends with the ideal play space for front garden and façade week.

We loved the tree-surround seat. It would be the perfect spot to watch the kids go crazy on that in-built trampoline and quirky little cubby house.

Mitch and Mark kept their fence and façade classic with what the judges described as the ‘perfect’ white picket fence and a brick paved pathway that looked worn and loved (in a good way). We’re lovers of statement front doors and thought the soft pink door was the perfect addition to this home. Get more fabulous front door inspo here.

We couldn’t help but think this would have been much better if it’d been the backyard, making it much more accessible for the kids to play. However it’s clear the couple really thought about how best to use the space they had. It’s a spectacular front garden and the judges couldn’t get enough.

“Storytelling at its best,” is how Neale summed it up. We will miss Mitch and Mark’s over-styling each and every week 😉

Score: 29½ / 30 (1st place)

Brick path leading to front of house
Built-in trampoline
Tree surround seat in front garden
House 2 facade The Block 2021
White picket front fence
Street appeal of House 2 on The Block 2021
Manicured gardens and brick pathway
Water feature and pink front door
Built in trampoline and cubby house in front garden
Unique shaped cubby house
Brick steps to front garden
Grey garage door
White picket fence with gable entrance

Tanya and Vito

It was a simple, pared back design but executed well. Tanya and Vito completed their quirky House 3 with an equally unique front garden and façade.

With its distinctive roofline, impressive panel of windows together with that bright yellow door and cool as teal garage door, there’s no denying the house makes a statement!

We thought the crazy pave path and brick fence worked a treat and the miniature house mailbox was the cherry on top. The judges were concerned about the home having no barrier to the street, minimal lighting and small plants near the door. However they all agreed the unique style from the home had been carried through to the curb to create a, “Dream come true,” for the right buyer.

Score: 24 / 30 (5th place)

Modern 70s home with yellow front door
Black house with yellow front door
Wall of windows with yellow front door
Teal green horizontal opening garage door
Hanging cane chair on front porch
Miniature house letter box
Unique roofline on House 3 The Block 2021
Modern 70s home
Rainbow painted pots
Black gate to front garden

Josh and Luke

It certainly was simple. Josh and Luke finished off House 4 with a stellar effort on their front garden and house façade. The first thing we noticed was the beautiful, lush grassed space, as well as those huge concrete steps which were elegant as well as practical.

As for the white painted brick fence… we don’t feel it worked with the overall aesthetics of the space. The judges said the same. We’d have preferred to see something like the black slatted style they used in other parts of the yard. Or, perhaps painting the brick a softer colour so it was less stark.

While we thought the sectioned off workout area was clever having artificial grass, we did wonder if it was really necessary to have a separate space? And would an area like that work better in the backyard rather than out the front?

In case you’re wondering, yes… we still think that single car garage featuring a door within a door from last week is weird!

In terms of the overall space, the judges called it, “Simple, structural elegance.” We will miss the mishmash style and overuse of glass fronted cabinetry from Josh and Luke! We’re really interested to see how the house fares when it goes under the hammer.

Score: 24½ / 30 (4th place)

Modern facade of home with slanted roof
Modern house facade
Grassed area with landscaped gardens
Extra large concrete steps
Fenced off space with artificial grass
Grassed space with olive tree
Artificial grass area in back yard
Modern facade of home with concrete steps
Single garage with a door within a door
White painted brick fence

Kirsty and Jesse

Now this is what a front garden should be! Kirsty and Jesse have clearly thought about how a family would actually use a front garden space. And they got it bang on.

A wide driveway, big enough for a fleet of cars, and a basketball ring — tick! A sweet hanging swing, space for scooters and a game or two of totem tennis… tick, tick, tick! This would have been our pick for top spot this week because it is practical as well as beautiful.

The entry to the home via the arbour is pretty special. And once those climbing plants cover it, it will be even more beautiful. The judges were seriously impressed, taking in the large expanse of grass, separated garden beds and plants that will mature to give privacy which still maintain street appeal.

Neale went as far as to say, “This is the best property that has been delivered on The Block.” Huge praise! We can’t wait to see what buyers think come auction day.

We love how Kirsty and Jesse had a clear vision from day dot. And while it took them a few weeks to find their groove, they came in leaps and bounds producing a very Hamptons home that is sure to impress the masses.

Score: 28½ / 30 (2nd place)

Kid friendly front yard
Front entrance, driveway and garage of home
Street view of Hamptons style home
White arbour and fence to home
White arbour entrance to garden
Arbour with built in bench seat
Mature tree in landscaped gardens
Macrame rope swing in front garden
Facade of Australian Hamptons home
Landscaping to entrance of Hamptons style home
Driveway to Hamptons style homed
Two-storey Hamptons style home
Hamptons style garage door and entrance to homed
Side of home with stepping stone pavers

What did you think of front garden and façade week? Which couple do you think will take out the auction and top prize?! And which has been your favourite room of The Block 2021? Chat with us in the comment section below!

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All imagery by David Cook Photography

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